F1 2020

WATCH: Alex Gillon Presents – F1 2020 My Team, Episode 5

With this episode, we’re halfway through Alex Gillon’s F1 2020 My Team playthrough, and this time he’s taking the bull by the horns in Austria for the fifth race of the 10-race season.

After his third consecutive win in four races, the latest one coming in the Canadian Grand Prix, surely the AI competitors wouldn’t let him get a fourth one in a row at Red Bull Ring, right? Then again, as the Traxion.GG team continues to improve in development, it might get easier and easier to find the top step of the podium as the season progresses.

Things get a little hairy in the first corner of the first lap, with Alex right in the middle of it! With a fifth place grid spot, can he make it out of there undamaged and without penalty?

The Traxion.GG machine will face another slew of decisions and challenges is this episode. Watch to find out if Alex can get another victory under his belt, or if that performance difference will actually make a difference this time out.

As always, go and watch the other four episodes in this playthrough to see how Alex has gotten along so far, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.

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