WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 5

I swear the team over at the BeamNG GmbH headquarters over in Bremen, Germany, watched that pile-up scene in Blues Brothers 2000 scene and went “right, let’s make a game about that.”

And thus, the story of how BreamNG.Drive came to exist. Well, in my mind anyway. Feel free to fact-check this and get back to me.

But, before you do that, why not watch my latest video exploring this mad invention? In episode five of my voyage through BeamNG.Drive I experience the joys of trying to set a serious lap time. No, really. There will be no crazy crashes in this episode. Honest.

Well, that was the plan anyway…

Don’t forget, you can also watch episodes one, two, three and four of the series which include blowing up a bus and pigeon riding (it’s not what you think…)

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