WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 4

WATCH: A very late introduction to BeamNG.Drive, Episode 4

Like when you first meet someone and you kind of like them, and then over time the relationship blossoms and within a year you fall in love and suddenly you are married and have pets.

That’s what it’s been like for me and BeamNG.Drive. I put it off for too long, then I slowly but surely got into it, and now four episodes into my journey I have fallen head over heels. I love this game.

Well, I hate it and love it in equal amounts, as the failure is real and the disappointment crushing at times. But there’s a charm to Beam that means it never gets overly frustrating. I think it’s because the crashing – I.e., failing – is so detailed and so there’s joy even in the tribulations.

Watch the latest episode as I try some rallying and then high-speed street navigation in a three-wheeled pick-up. That’s not a recipe for disaster at all…

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