Turbo Golf Racing unveils Aztec Run Season Two update

Fresh levels and Aztecan vibes make the latest Turbo Golf Racing Update an instant fan favourite

The quirky arcade-style fusion game, Turbo Golf Racing, has finally unveiled their Season Two update and it’s Aztec-themed fun.

The quirkiest racing game to ever hit the galactic greens has dropped a freshly cut season…and its Aztec fun.

Turbo Golf Racing Season Two features Aztec Run – a colourful new theme with a plethora of interesting levels, rewards and ways to smack your ball in hopes of sinking a hole in one. The latest DLC also includes something fans have been asking for: Ranked Leaderboards.

Pack your clubs and prepare for an Aztecan vacation with the following goodies, as part of Season Two:

  • 10 unique levels with added waterfalls, fountains and geysers that will enhance your chances of crushing opponents
  • 40 Season rewards – cars, boosters, decals, finishes and avatars
  • An updated marketplace of items to get your shop on
  • Struggling to learn the basics of the magnet core or glide function? There’s a helpful tutorial for that!
  • Improvements have also been made to the Out-of-Bounds (OOB) system, such as visual indicators when a player or ball approaches the area
  • Boost pick-up will be permanently available
Experience an Aztecan environment with beautiful new courses and vehicles
Experience an Aztecan environment with beautiful new courses and vehicles

Along with the update, there will be a few fixes, too, which will be outlined in the game’s patch notes on Thursday 17th November.

TGR’s Game Preview is free to play as part of an active Xbox Game Pass subscription on console and PC. Or, purchase Early Access via Steam.  

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