Truck racing is on the way to RaceRoom 

Truck racing is on the way to RaceRoom 

Racing trucks are heading to simulator RaceRoom ‘soon’, and the teaser trailer shows off not just the new vehicles, but a water-cooled braking system.

One of the elements we love about PC-based driving simulator RaceRoom Racing Experience is its varied content, much of which cannot be tested elsewhere. 

Continuing that theme, the free-to-enter simulator will be added trucks to its roster ‘soon’. 

With more details expected within the week commencing 31st October 2022, a teaser trailer has been revealed, showcasing the non-licenced upcoming content. 

One of the most intriguing elements is the promise of ‘real physics’. Racing trucks are specialised beasts, often weighing 5300kg. 

RaceRoom trucks brake cooling

Visible in the footage is the pneumatic braking system. This is identified by the smoke billowing from under the front wheels. Not to be confused with tyre smoke, in the real-world, the driver controls the amount of water that is used to cool the system throughout a race. 

If this is replicated within RaceRoom, it will be an all-new gameplay element. 

Truck racing within RaceRoom Racing Experience

The last time we raced trucks virtually was the official FIA European Truck Racing Championship game by N-RACING, which used the KT Engine in 2019. We hope to get our hands on KW Studios’ interpretation upon launch. 

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