Trak Racer teases debut sim racing steering wheels

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The Australian sim racing cockpit manufacturer is expanding into electronics, and the first look at it’s steering wheels highlights four promising models.
Trak Racer teases its debut sim racing steering wheels

When we spoke to Trak Racer Founder and CEO Matt Sten on the Traxion.GG Podcast in October, he hinted at a range of electronics far outside of its existing sim racing cockpit scope. Now, that reality has taken a step closer.

Today (24th November), the Australian company has teased its first steering wheels.

Trak Racer GT steering wheel sim racing teaser SimRacing Expo

The dark images appear to show a formula-style wheel and a GT-style wheel in four flavours.

Starting with the GT wheel, there appear to be four paddles on the rear, presumably for gearshifts and clutch use. On the front, there is a suite of buttons, toggle and rotary switches. One variety includes an LED rev light strip and telemetry display, the other variation does not.

Trak Racer GT steering wheel sim racing teaser

For the formula-style wheel, similar buttons and switches look to be in use alongside the rev light strip. However, the version with the red button cowlings has two large switches in the middle of its face, whereas the second version includes a large LCD screen displaying important information such as lap deltas, gears and tyre temperatures.

Trak Racer formula steering wheel sim racing teaser

It’s a far cry from the simulators and cockpits it currently produces, such as the hybrid GT and Formula Alpine Racing TRX and TR8 Pro.

“We’re just finishing up prototypes, which we hope to show a few different parts at the ADAC SimRacing Expo at the start of December in Germany,” said Sten to Traxion.GG earlier this year.

Track Racer TR8 Pro simulator
The TR8 Pro cockpit

“We’ve finished our own proprietary software. It has a lot of the game plugins already completed and it will allow us to plug in different peripherals including steering wheels, pedals, handbrake, shifter, motion etc.”

The company is set to have a significant presence at the ADAC SimRacing Expo next week, and Traxion.GG will be on hand to hopefully find out more details about its expansive plans, including nomenclature, compatibility and estimated release date.

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