Inside Trak Racer’s sim racing hardware plans, with CEO Matt Sten | Traxion.GG Podcast S5 E6

Inside Track Racer's sim racing hardware plans, with CEO Matt Sten | Traxion.GG Podcast S5 E6

Trak Racer will join the sim racing software, pedal, shifter and handbrake market early next year, as it builds upon its cockpit and flight simulator business. Here’s CEO Matt Sten to explain more.

Joining us this week is the founder and CEO of Trak Racer, Matt Sten, the global – of Australian origin – sim racing and flight simulator accessory manufacturer. 

It has partnerships with the Alpine Formula 1 team and Airbus, and perhaps is best known for creating cockpits and wheel stands for those who want to take their virtual racing that bit further. 

We’ve reviewed its TR8 Pro Cockpit and FS3 wheel stand on the Traxion.GG website and YouTube Channel before. 

I wanted to gain an insight into the racing video game peripheral market, and how Trak Racer has grown. But, also, what it plans to do next. This is well worth a listen, as Matt gives us the lowdown on its next big move – electronics. 

Trak Racer will have software, a load cell pedal set, shifters and handbrakes, so it’s going big on sim racing. 

Listen in the player below, or fire up Spotify, Amazon, Google or Apple Podcasts and search for ‘Traxion’.

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