TrackDayR introduces new off-road motorcycles and game mode


TrackDayR has teased new content coming to the Early Access sim in the near future, featuring the Enduro mode and SuperMoto 450 bike.

The team behind Early Access motorcycle sim TrackDay R has revealed further improvements to its ever-evolving celebration of two-wheel racing.

After adding a Grand Prix-style bike and a dynamic damage model late last year, TrackDayR’s small development squad has surprisingly released details on a new bike and a whole new game mode.

Currently in testing, the SuperMoto 450 is entirely new to the sim and a surprising step away from TrackDayR’s tarmac course roots.

As opposed to Motocross bikes, Supermotos typically have standard street 17-inch wheels and tyres, while the racing is a cross between dirt track, motocross and tarmac circuit events.

As can be seen from footage from TrackDayR’s YouTube channel, the SuperMoto 450 features convincing Supermoto rider movement. Players can back their motorcycle into corners, with a Valentino Rossi-style flailing leg which aids balance while drifting.

As well as the SuperMoto 450, TrackDayR is set to introduce a new Super Enduro mode and bike. As opposed to Supermoto, Enduro Bikes are used for long-distance off-road events, commonly featuring near impassable obstacles and extreme terrain. As a result, these bikes have much larger suspension travel and heavy-duty components.

TrackDayR’s Super Enduro mode video preview shows the new Enduro bike in action in a stadium setting, with various obstacles testing players’ throttle and brake discipline. It’s a stark departure from TrackDayR’s focus on, well, track days, but any new content based on the game’s robust physics model is a welcome addition.

TrackDayR is best known for its tarmac-based racing

The animations and helmet camera look a little jerky at this stage, but TrackDayR is still in Early Access development, and the footage is very much of a ‘work in progress’ build. We expect the new content to be available soon, although details are yet to be confirmed.

What do you make of the new off-road content in TrackDayR? Can it match rival off-road indie racer MX Bikes by PiBoSo?

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