Damage added to ever-evolving motorcycle sim TrackDayR

Damage added to ever-evolving motorcycle sim TrackDayR

Sliding in just before the festive period like Gibernau vs Rossi, another new update for TrackDayR is now available and includes a damage model for the first time.

In Early Access, TrackDayR has been evolving throughout 2021, most recently adding a Grand Prix-style motorcycle in late November and several new tracks across the past few months.

With Build now live, when you fall – and you will fall, this is a simulator – the new dynamic damage system for fairings, chassis and engine will kick in, alongside a dynamic crash camera angle. You can also damage your engine by downshifting at the wrong time.

This should add an additional level of emersion to TrackDayR, after all, a full-fleshed out simulator does require damage of some form.

Alongside these improvements, a new fictional Europa track has been added alongside a bike skin and specific animation for our favourite motorcycle content creator ROBO46. Should you be overtaken by him in-game, he will give you the finger!

The full changelog is below, as is our interview with ROBO46 and his video of the latest changes is above. Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in trying out TrackDayR for yourself.

TrackDayR, December 2021 update, Build changelog

New content

  • Add: Europa Track
  • Add: showroom
  • dynamic crash camera
  • engine failure on wrong and aggressive downshifting (OVER REV LIMIT)
  • dynamic damage system for fairings, chassis and engine
  • collider generating system from bikes body
  • new “ROBO46 is a rude boy” AI reaction


  • Fix: possibility to start a session without choosing bike generating game block
  • fix: sound electrical starter
  • fix: activating/disactivating pit limiter on controller
  • fix: airbag inflatate
  • fix camera change when beating lap time on TimeAttackR mode
  • General bugfixing


  • new virtual rider algorithm
  • improved load transfer system
  • improved engine inertia
  • improved AI performance (much more faster)
  • [*] improved tyres behaviour


  • ROBO46 skin
  • GRT skin
  • Removed bike rotation on menu


  • Code cleaning
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