GP Bikes comes to Steam Early Access

Ross McGregor

GP Bikes – by developer/publisher PiBoSo – has recently been released to Steam Early Access. Pitched as a motorcycle simulator with hyper-realistic physics, the title has been around in some form or another since at least 2010.

Initially released as a demo containing a 125cc bike and a recreation of Australia’s Philip Island track, I first tried GP Bikes four years ago and was impressed with its physics, and even at this early stage could see it had a lot of potential as a bike sim. The learning curve was pretty steep and content was rather thin on the ground, but thanks to a burgeoning community mods have elevated the title to a position where it has to be considered by any motorcylce game fan.

At the moment there is no AI to race against or even a career mode, but you can take your racing online and even do it in VR! In time the developer hopes to add more content and a host of other improvements.

GP Bikes isn’t PiBoSo’s only sim available on Steam right now, as they also released Kart Racing Pro in 2017 and MX Bikes in 2019. Both have received ‘Very Positive’ reviews in Early Access so far, therefore we have reason to believe GP Bikes will follow the same path.

Not only that, but PiBoSo have another sim in the works – World Racing Series – and have plans to bring it to Steam in future. This is another four-wheeled offering, with off-road disciplines such as rallycross and sprint cars represented – featuring dynamic terrain deformation.

GP Bikes is available to purchase on Steam Early Access right now for £19.49.

Do you like the look of GP Bikes or any of PiBoSo’s other offerings? Let us know in the comments below!

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