These five cars are coming in Gran Turismo 7’s next update

Five new cars will be added to Gran Turismo 7 on the 15th December 2022 for both PS4 and PS5 – here’s what to expect.
These five cars are coming to Gran Turismo 7 next week

It feels but a moment ago that Georgia’s Road Atlanta and three new cars were added to Gran Turismo 7, but now five more new additions are on the way at some point during the week commencing Monday 12th December 2022.

While the specific date of the update launch remains unannounced, series producer Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted the telling words on Saturday 10th December: “Update is coming next week.”

However, previously confirmed, the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo will arrive on Thursday 15th December for those who answered the Viewers Gift Campain quiz correctly. Expect these new potential garage acquisitions to appear then.

A five-car update, just in time for the festive season, makes it the largest post-release patch in terms of new vehicles so far.

Here’s what we think is included, based on Yamauchi-san’s teaser.

Chevrolet Corvette C8

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Gran Turismo World Series World Finals 2022 Monaco

The first production mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has turned the American icon from a quasi-muscle/sports car into an out-and-out track monster.

Engineers were allegedly inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia, both in terms of its engine location and its naturally aspirated powertrain.

In its base form, there’s a 6.2-litre V8, a dual-clutch gearbox while power is sent to the rear wheels.

America’s best-ever sports car? You betcha.

Of note, at the recent Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Monaco, several Gran Turismo stickered C8s were on display. While that’s never a guarantee of game inclusion, in this scenario, it has been the case.

We could spot this one from the shut lines towards the rear of the roof line.

Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 rally car

Juha Kankkunen and co-driver Nicky Grist, Toyota Celica GT-Four, Rally Portugal 1995, Ralph Hardwick - Motorsport Images
Juha Kankkunen and co-driver Nicky Grist, Toyota Celica GT-Four, Rally Portugal 1995, Ralph Hardwick – Motorsport Images

Used to compete in the 1995 World Rally Championship, before Toyota’s exclusion and subsequent banning for an illegal turbocharger, the ST205 Celica cut an ungainly shape on the gravel-lined stages.

It seems a bit too long, especially in its nose, which led to some less-than-precise handling characteristics.

Still, the sight of Juha  Kankkunen and Didier Auriol hustling these hefty coupes around an asphalt Corsican stage was still a sight to behold, anti-lag popping.

The first time a ‘premium’ model of this car appeared in Gran Turismo was the early PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo HD Concept tech demo, but it was absent from GT Sport. Now, it’s set for a return.

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo front

We were there, in person, for the launch of this one. All-wheel-drive, turbocharged V6 hybrid powertrain and a snarling engine note.

If you were correct with your Viewers Gift Campain answer, this will be yours on the 15th. Alternatively, it will appear in Brand Central for anyone to buy on the 23rd December.

Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo rear 02

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm

Kimi Räikkönen with an Alfa Romeo Guilia GTAm
Kimi Räikkönen with a Alfa Romeo Guilia GTAm

The trickiest one of the lot to guess, we’re heading our bets with the Alfa. Initially, our first thought was the latest generation of Honda Civic Type-R, but no, we think that rear wing is all-Italian.

Based upon the Guilia Quadrifoglio, the GTAm ditches the rear seats and adds an aero kit by Sauber Engineering and a giant exhaust. It’s leaner, meaner and can top nearly 200mph.

Outside of the game, the ‘m’ stands for modificata and there’s also a GTA non-m without the crazy aero work. All 500 units of the GTA/GTAm have long since been sold.

Whisper it – the engine is from Ferrari, but with two cylinders lopped off. But you didn’t hear it here…

Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron - image by Romans International for editorial use
Bugatti Chiron – image by Romans International for editorial use

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, which was a game-exclusive Chiron on steroids, has appeared in both 2017’s GT Sport and Gran Turismo 7.

But the real-world road-going hypercar has yet to appear. Until now.

Its quad-turbo 8.0-litre W16 engine gulps 60,000 litres of air per minute and is home to 10 radiators.

We’d be surprised if you didn’t need a Brand Central invite to pick up this one, with an on-the-road price of £2.5 million before options.

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