The latest GT Sport Time Trials contrast the sublime and the ridiculous

Thomas Harrison-Lord
GT Sport Karting Broad Bean Raceway

If like me, you love a spot of karting within GT Sport, then the new time trial around Broad Bean Raceway (that’s how you name a circuit, by the way) should be right up your street.

GT Sport Time Trials 8th April 2021

The only trouble is, once you’ve got up to speed, the entire lap of the not-oval-oval is entirely flat out, so expect the gaps on the online leaderboard to be smaller than a collection of quarks.

There’s a second event for you to also participate in, which is Gr.B rally cars around the dirt Colorado Springs circuit at night. You couldn’t get a bigger contrast between events if you tried. The venue is lumpy, bumpy and filled with blind crests to catch out the unwary. Treat this as an opportunity to learn the track though, as once you get in the flow, I find it to be quite enjoyable. Unlike Fisherman’s Ranch, but that’s a story for another time…

Group B Toyota Rally Car

As always, the online Time Trials reside within the Sport Mode of the game and you’ve got two weeks to set your best lap. Let us know if you’ve had a go via social media.

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