The 2022 motorcycles and liveries are now in the MotoGP 22 game

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Originally absent from the launch, two weeks later the new-spec MotoGP bikes and liveries from the 2022 top-class season are now in the MotoGP 22 game.
The 2022 motorcycles and liveries are now in the MotoGP 22 game

Following the launch of this year’s official Grand Prix motorcycle racing game, MotoGP 22, while the racing is solid, the career lengthy and all the new track layouts present, there was one glaring omission.

This season’s bikes!

2022-season MotoGP bikes and liveries

While the rest was correct, and team names, bike names and engine sounds – the exact 2022 livery designs were notably only by their absence, and so were some of the revised motorcycles too.

This has now changed with a new game update, available today (5th May) for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

MotoGP 22 Honda 2021
MotoGP 22’s Honda pre-update
MotoGP 22 Honda 2022
MotoGP 22’s Honda post-update

Top of the list is this season’s Honda. You can visibly tell that the game now has the latest model, with the large and more aggressive snout. Similarly, the Suzuki design now has a black background to the rider number, the Yamaha has revised aerodynamic appendages and the Mooney VR46 Racing Team now features the actual Mooney sponsorship.

MotoGP 22 Mooney VR46 Racing Team

This is something that several fans have been vocal about on social media, but the updates have arrived – for the top MotoGP class at least – two weeks after the initial game release.

Adjusted performance and banners

The real-world 2022 season rider performance is also said to have been implemented for your computer-controlled AI rivals too. An unenviable task with such an unpredictable season at present, but expect Enea Bastianini and Aleix Espargaró to be nearer the sharp end.

MotoGP 22 Suzuki

The track-side banners are now also 2022-specification, for all those trackside furniture fans.

Alongside the main motorbike and AI changes, a suite of minor updates such as post-online race animations and stickers for the graphic creation tools have also been added. The full changelog is below.

MotoGP 22 5th May game update changelog

  • MotoGP™ riders and bikes updated to the 2022 season
  • Re-Tuning of the official rider’s skill according to the ongoing season
  • Circuit banners updated to the 2022 season
  • New celebration Cutscene at the end of online races
  • Increased the number of different characters in the 3D environments
  • New “Content Creators” stickers in the graphic editor section
  • Minor fixes

Version numbers: PS4 (01.04) – PS5 (1.004.000) – Xbox One ( – Xbox Series S/X ( – PC STEAM

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