The 2020 FIA WTCR season is coming to RaceRoom

Thomas Harrison-Lord
RaceRoom 2020 WTCR

The most recent season of the FIA World Touring Car Cup will be coming to RaceRoom. The Swedish-developed PC sim-racer, created by Sector3 Studios, has an established reputation for providing a yearly touring car update, reaching back to the WTCC of 2013.

RaceRoom 2020 WTCR CUPRA Leon Competición and Vuković Motorsport Renault Mégane RS TCR

Perhaps, then, this 2020 WTCR update may not come as a surprise. It is, however, a welcome addition. The WTCR superseded the WTCC in 2018 as the series switched away from the prohibitively expensive Super 2000 TC1 rules and to the more cost-effective TCR formula. Both the 2018 and 2019 WTCR seasons are available as paid packs within RaceRoom currently and last season there was an officially sanctioned esports series to match.

The 2020 WTCR pack will include two new vehicles for the game in the form of the CUPRA Leon Competición and the Vuković Motorsport developed Renault Mégane RS TCR. Every other car used in the real-life WTCR is already in the game, and the developer promises that with the addition of the latest liveries, all the cars and teams from the 2020 season will be present.

Tom Coronel Audi WTCR 2020

Of note, the CUPRA Leon Competición has not been available to the public yet but was specially developed for use during the 2020 eWTCR competition. The in-game images are on the MotorLand Aragón circuit in Spain and all circuits featuring in the truncated 2020 season are available – at an additional price – within the game already.

Last but not least, there is the promise of improved vehicle handling. TCR cars are front-wheel drive, so there is a tendency for corner exit wheel-spin if you don’t manage the power application in a smooth fashion, but this is also part of the challenge.

We don’t have a date yet for this release, but this forum post by Sector3 Studios indicates “in a few days.” We won’t have long to wait then. It’s also worth bearing in mind that this is a livery and car pack but won’t include the associated tracks. We’ll let you know as soon as pricing information and availability is clear.

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