‘Strategic Partnership’ now formed between Straight4 Studios and Reiza Studios

Ian Bell, CEO at Straight4 Studios, tweeted on Friday (19th May) that his studio and Reiza Studios have agreed to a deal.
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“Straight4 Studios and Reiza Studios have just agreed a deal. Wonderful things coming your way.”

That’s what Ian Bell tweeted on Friday (19th May). Bell later edited the tweet to include the press release, which confirmed that a “Strategic Partnership” had been formed between the two entities. “The studios will combine their decades’ worth of experience creating iconic sim racing titles starting with Straight4’s upcoming sim racing title,” read the release.

Straight4 Studios, a fairly-new player in the sim racing sphere made up of many well-known industry names, including Bell who was formerly the head of Slightly Mad Studios, is developing a new title—once referred to as GTR Revival, but as of the announcement that PLAION will be Straight4’s publisher, it is now referred to as a “new and as yet unnamed sim racing title”.

Reiza Studios currently uses the Madness engine, the same engine found in prior Project CARS titles under the Slightly Mad Studios banner, in their current simulation title Automobilista 2. You see, this connection already existed. As much is mentioned by both Bell and Reiza Studios’ CEO Renato Simioni in the release.

What does this “deal” pertain to, exactly? Well, from the way it reads, the two studios look to be working on the upcoming Straight4 title. If it affects AMS2 in anyway, well that remains to be seen. Regardless, this is likely going to be big for both entities.

There’s still no time table for the release of Straight4’s upcoming game. It was reiterated that this title will be coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox, with a “bespoke physics engine and cutting-edge graphics”.

SOURCE: Ian Bell

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