WATCH: Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series – Week 8, LMP3 at Road America

In Dave Cam’s new Done & Dusted series, Dave is aiming to master a variety of racing disciplines. Will his iRating go up or down after 12 weeks?

Last week, it was USA. This week, it’s Road America. The difference is that Dave Cam is back in a discipline that he’s more familiar and confident with. Welcome back to Dave Cam’s Done & Dusted Series, where Dave takes on a new car every week to see if he can ultimately gain iRating over the course of the full iRacing season.

In 2023 Season 3 so far, Dave is up 336 iRating points across his road and oval license levels. He’s driven the GT3, FF1600, FIA F4, GR86, Formula Vee, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and as of last week, the oval Street Stock. This week, it’s the LMP3, a car he previously entertained a few episodes ago.

This LMP3 battle takes the fight to another overly-American titled track, this one being the 4.048-mile, 14-corner course at Road America. Surprisingly, Dave is mired in the back of the pack. On top of that, the field is a bit more advanced with the Strength of Field higher than normal.

Will Dave be able to get up the grid from the last row of the field? How high up does he need to go to get some positive iRating gain. An even better question would be, can Dave do it and keep the positive gain alive, or will this week finally be the week that Dave starts giving back some iRating?

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