Here’s what’s included in F1 Manager 2023’s Deluxe Edition

Costing more than the standard edition, the Deluxe Edition of Frontier Development’s race strategy platform includes some bonus goodies – here’s your guide to Exclusive Scenarios.
Here's what's included in F1 Manager 2023's Deluxe Edition

One key advantage of the Deluxe Edition over the vanilla affair was four days of early access for those who digitally pre-ordered.

However, now the standard digital edition is available to purchase (as of 31st August 2023, a physical version follows on 31st August), that perk has been nullified.

But, the Deluxe version of F1 Manager 2023 is still available and carries a price increase of £10/$10.

For that extra cash outlay, 12 Exclusive Scenarios are yours, but what are they and how do they work?

F1 Manager 2023 Deluxe Edition contents

  • Four-day early access (no longer relevant)
  • 12 Exclusive Scenarios

What are the Exclusive Scenarios in F1 Manager 2023?

An Exclusive Scenario within F1 Manager 2023 is a race challenge with some parameter tweaks that don’t relate to the real-world. Think of them as fun asides, where developer Frontier Developments has played god, altering the path of history.

F1 Manager 2023 Exclusive Scenarios selection menu

How do Exclusive Scenarios work in F1 Manager 2023?

The four main settings that are changed in Exclusive Scenarios are:

  • Weather
  • Tyre allocation
  • Car performance

So it could be that the temperature is abnormally high (creating adverse tyre wear) or low (creating cold tyres), or even rain raining in the middle eastern summer. There are several where car performance is set to equal too, creating a closer pack.

F1 Manager 2023 Exclusive Scenarios

The Exclusive Scenarios have their own dedicated area within the main menu, below the Race Replay mode which is a separate feature that is included in all versions of the game.

Here’s the full list of Exclusive Scenarios:

  • Tifosi Trial
  • Scorcher – Qatar
  • Equal Performance Suzuka – Japan
  • Equal Performance Monza – Italy
  • Reduce Tyre Allocation – Netherlands
  • Equal Performance Silverstone – Great Britain
  • Racing Bull – Austria
  • No Preparation – Canada
  • Equal Performance Barcelona – Spain
  • The Matador – Monaco
  • Frozen Seafront – Australia
  • Rain in Bahrain – Bahrain
F1 Manager 2023 Frozen Seafront Exclusive Scenarios Challenge

Of note, if you purchase the Deluxe Edition now (as of 31st July 2023), the Tifosi Trial scenario appears to be missing, so there are 11 not 12 challenges available.

Is the Deluxe Edition the only way to play Exclusive Scenarios?

Yes, and no. Right now, post-release, yes, the only way of receiving and playing Exclusive Scenarios is by purchasing the Deluxe Edition.

However, for those who pre-order the game before it went on sale, either version, received the following Exclusive Scenarios:

  • Tactical Masterclass
  • Weather for Ducks
  • Viva Haas Vegas
F1 Manager 2023 Deluxe Upgrade Pack

There is currently no other way of receiving or buying these three scenarios outside of the pre-order bonus.

However, you can purchase the Deluxe Upgrade Pack for £11.99/$14.99 which includes the 12 Exclusive Scenarios not included with the standard edition or upcoming physical edition version of the game at any time as an additional download.

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