Sony unveils INZONE, a new PlayStation and PC gaming product line

Justin Melillo
Sony unveils INZONE, a new gaming product line

During a broadcasted showcase on Tuesday night (28th June 2022), Sony took the covers off of their new specialized in-house brand. INZONE is that brand, and the product lineup is prepared for gamers.

In the showcase, two gaming monitors and three gaming headsets were on display. While these products are all “Perfect for PlayStation 5,” Sony’s top end gaming console, it’s interesting to see that there’s more of a shift towards providing services that work for PC players as well.

Two new gaming monitors

The two INZONE monitors are both 27″ and made with gaming in mind. The INZONE M3 has the 240Hz refresh rate on an HD resolution, while the INZONE M9 includes 4K resolution but rather at 144Hz refresh rate.

Neither of the two products were given a date or price at the time of the announcement, unfortunately. Most monitors at that size range from over $200 to under $1000 dependent on the name brand association, features, and specifications of it, so I would expect that to be the same here.

Three new gaming headsets

As for the headsets, there are three options in this category. The INZONE H9 is the top of the line, wireless and Noise-Cancelling, and it comes in at $299.99. Just a step below is the INZONE H7, which is also wireless but not Noise-Cancelling. These will set you back $229.99. Finally, the INZONE H3 is a wired headset that will cost $99.99. All three will release on 7th July!

Now, this is a racing video game website, and while the headsets would be useful for voice communications, whether you game on PC or PS5, the monitors are the stars today. They are said to increase the immersion factor when playing whatever game.

For sim racing, having a monitor that has clarity and a great response time is key to success when making split second decisions on the virtual track. We should trust that these monitors will truly be perfectly paired for PS5 players, but to see the PC acknowledgement is a great thing to see.

Where does the future of INZONE lie?

I wonder if these products will lead to further different products later down the line, maybe something like keyboards, mouses, controllers, maybe even proprietary steering wheels? I also wonder if this could lead to a future where PlayStation gaming becomes available for PC players?

That’s all pure speculation there, but still, there could be something to that now that INZONE exists. What do you think about Sony’s latest venture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Images thanks to Sony.

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