SnowRunner Trucks DLC now available for Dakar Desert Rally

Justin Melillo
A new DLC pack for Dakar Desert Rally – The SnowRunner Trucks Pack DLC – is available as of 28th February.
SnowRunner Trucks DLC header image

There’s a bit of cross-pollination between a couple of Saber Interactive entities today as the folks behind Dakar Desert Rally announced their first planned post-release DLC related to another game they publish – the SnowRunner Trucks DLC – available to own as of 28th February on all platforms.

Five new trucks ripped straight from the SnowRunner platform come included in the pack, as well as nine new stages and two new events for Dakar Desert Rally enthusiasts. Those trucks are the TUZ 16, TUZ 108, TUZ 420, ZiKZ 605R and YAR 87.

As for the stages, six of them – 01 Bisha, 02 Jeddah, 03 Alsharaf, 04 Gayal, 05 Al Ula and 06 Shigry – plus one new event is available in Sports Mode. The other three stages – 01 Jeddah, 02 Gayal, 03 Shigry – and another new event, come in as part of the Professional Mode.

The SnowRunner Trucks DLC comes included with the Dakar Desert Rally Season Pass, or it is available separately for $9.99 / £8.99 / €9.99 if you have the standard edition of the game. This pack was originally scheduled to release in 2022 per the updated roadmap shared before the game launched in October.

When the game went live, the Legends Pack released alongside of it as the first true DLC pack. The SnowRunner Pack was next up, but with other developmental delays which included fans waiting for free and base content, this too didn’t come when expected.

Updated Roadmap. A second SnowRunner pack for Cars has been added and other packs have been shuffled. Road Book Editor has also been delayed until 2023.

However, things are starting to look forward with the recent news of this DLC plus the simultaneous patch that also released on Tuesday.

Check out what the DLC has included below. The SnowRunner Trucks Pack is available for Dakar Desert Rally on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and on PC , either via Steam or the Epic Games Store.


New Trucks

  • TUZ 16
  • TUZ 108
  • TUZ 420
  • ZiKZ 605R
  • YAR 87

New Stages and Events

Sports Mode – 6 Stages and 1 Event:

  • 01 Bisha
  • 02 Jeddah
  • 03 Alsharaf
  • 04 Gayal
  • 05 Al Ula
  • 06 Shigry

Professional Mode – 3 Stages and 1 Event:

  • 01 Jeddah
  • 02 Gayal
  • 03 Shigry

SOURCE: Dakar Desert Rally

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