Seaside Driving set for PC, Switch and Xbox One release

Ross McGregor

Indie retro games publisher Tendokore has just announced colourful racing title Seaside Driving, where the goal is to drive along one of five randomly-generated coastal tracks while dodging obstacles, collecting coins and admiring the seaside views – accompanied by a 1980s-inspired synthwave soundtrack.

In a year where retro-inspired racers such as Art of Rally, Circuit Superstars and Formula Retro Racing have made a big impression on the genre, Seaside Driving arrives in a market where players seemingly can’t get enough of retro-inspired gaming action.

Frozen Lake Games, otherwise known as Greek developer Sakis Rogkas, has pitched Seaside Driving as a relaxing experience where collecting coins progresses the game and helps unlock new cars and tracks. And with a handling model that appears to be focus on drifting, Seaside Driving looks like it will provide a fun experience. Although we can’t confirm how the vehicles handle in-game, we can at least promise this: if the music quality in the finished game matches that found in the official trailer, it’ll be tremendous!*

Tendokore has not specified a release date or pricing details for Seaside Driving, but we know that PC, Xbox One and Switch versions are in the works, so we should expect to see one or all of these in 2022.

What do you think about the recent resurgence in retro-racers? Are you looking forward to Seaside Driving? Let us know in the comments below.

*if you enjoy the sound of synthesisers…

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