WATCH: art of rally – this game blew me away!

John Munro
WATCH: art of rally – this game blew me away!

The sport of rallying is often looked back upon with rose-tinted spectacles. Back in the day, the stages would be longer, the cars more outrageous and the spectators bereft of common sense. When you look back now, like watching through the entire VHS Rallies YouTube Channel, it is easy to get trapped in a whirlwind of nostalgia and forget that it was probably extremely dangerous and a lot of effort.

No, I will happily trade that for being able to watch WRC All Live in my pyjamas any day.

Except, art of rally manages to give you hands-on experience of the ‘glory days’ without having to stand in a forest for six hours just to catch a glimpse of an Audi Quattro.

This game is an absolute must for any rally fan. The cutesy design drips with passion, from the locations to the similar-to but not-quite licensed vehicles. You can tell this has been made by a bobble-hatted enthusiast for follow bobble-hatted enthusiasts.

It also shows that to have an authentic experience, you do not need to create a simulator or own a sim rig. Sit back, use a controller and get lost in the vibe. But also, before you do that, watch my initial impressions…

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