Premium Hyundai spin-off, Genesis, has created concept cars with Gran Turismo

Premium Hyundai spin-off, Genesis, has created concept cars with Gran Turismo

Genesis is a luxury car automaker part of the Hyundai Motor Group and recently launched in the USA and Europe to take on the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Now, to help spread awareness, it’s teamed up with Gran Turismo creators Polyphony Digital to create a series of virtual concept vehicles. 

This includes the G70 Gr.4 Gran Turismo, a racing version of the roadgoing sports saloon that shares its platform with the Kia Stinger. Within GT parlance, ‘Gr.4’ roughly equates to GT4 class machinery. 

Genesis G70 Gr.4 Gran Turismo

“We are pleased to be presenting this vehicle and others as we explore the brand’s entry into motorsport,” explained SangYup Lee, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Genesis Design. 

The road vehicle already has sporting pretensions but is now adorned with a giant rear wing, massive wheels – that are extremely eye-catching – and a lowered stance.

What’s perhaps a little more intriguing is the Genesis Gr.3 Concept. A two-door coupe, it’s not based on any current Genesis production vehicle, it does bear a resemblance to the existing Genesis X Concept – an EV-based high-performance GT. 

Genesis X-GR3 Concept

Genesis’ vehicle platforms can handle both internal combustion and full EV, so if we were to guess, the X Concept and the Gr.3 Concept preview a range-topping coupe available in both configurations when it launches. 

Finally, Genesis also proposed the creation of a Vision GT concept vehicle – part of the game’s long-running series of fantastical vehicles created by car manufacturers – that is currently undergoing consideration in three guises: GR1 Alpha_DB, GR1 Bravo_GB and GR1 Charlie_ET. 

Genesis Gran Turismo steering wheel racing concept

Car manufacturers with both Gr.4 and Gr.3 cars within GT Sport are part of the FIA esports series – should the two racing Genesis prototypes make a Gran Turismo game, expect the brand to be part of an expanded roster of entrants. 

The key factor to consider is a lack of specificity in the game used to showcase these models. Simply ‘Gran Turismo’ is mentioned in the launch material. With GT Sport in its twilight years, while these cars would be a welcome addition, we’re happy to wait for Gran Turismo 7

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