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Open-world racer CarX Street delayed until 2022

Open-world racer CarX Street delayed until 2022

Originally scheduled for launch, at least via Early Access on PC, this month (November 2021), the upcoming racing game CarX Street has been delayed until 8th September 2022.

The new open-world racer from CarX Technologies, the team behind CarX Drift Racing Online and several CarX-branded mobile racing games, was set to take on the likes of The Crew 2, Need for Speed and Forza Horizon later this year.

However, via a social media post, the team has announced that the title has been pushed back.

CarX Technologies has been very open about the development of CarX Street, posting several updates about vehicles, tuning options and the environment via its Steam page throughout the year.

“As you all know, CarX Street is the first of its kind for our team both in terms of its genre and magnitude. This is a big challenge and a huge responsibility for us.” read the statement.

“We have to announce a change in release date for CarX Street. We’re not satisfied with the quality of the game at this production stage, so we’d like to postpone its release until 8th September 2022. We are going to provide Early Access as soon as key mechanics are ready.”

CarX Street delay statement

While the aim for the final release is next September, the statement provides hope for those wanting to dive in early and provide the team with feedback.

We’re looking forward to a new driving game of this ilk, taking the competition to the more established franchises. We hope to hear more, soon.

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