New environment teased for the upcoming CarX Street

Thomas Harrison-Lord
CarX Street concept image

We do enjoy a spot of drifting at Traxion. A sport, or driving technique, that gets overlooked in the sometimes all-too-serious world of car sim racing, there’s something about controlling a sideways skid in a car that is so satisfying.

We even have Aero doing a weekly drift stream on our Twitch channel, so check that out later today and every Monday at 10 pm BST / 5 pm ET / 2 pm PST. His platform of choice at present is the OG Assetto Corsa, but on his first stream he did briefly discuss CarX Drift Racing Online.

CarX Street environment 02

It’s an accessible drifting game that has garnered a cult following over the past few years on PS4, Xbox One and Steam. It’s positioned as an accessible drifter that works well with a gamepad.

Now, the developer CarX Technologies is working on a follow-up title – CarX Street. On the face of it, CarX Street looks to take the approachable drifting mechanics of CarX Drift Racing Online but place them within a new and expansive open-world filled with neon lights and enhanced graphics. The tuning system will be upgraded, dynamic clouds have been added and the lighting system is all-new too.

CarX Street environment 04

Recently, the creators have released fresh screenshots of the environment, showcasing asphalt roads that stretch across wide vistas, flowing corners that are ripe for oversteer and a mixture of day and night scenes. One, depicted below, even looks to hint at some dirt driving, with a gravel road flowing through some wind turbines.

CarX Street environment 03

The scope of this game seems to be much larger than what has been created previously, and if these images are anything to go by, the gameplay area looks to be diverse.

If this all smells like something akin to a Need for Speed game, then you’d be right. It’s been too long since someone challenged NfS for the tuned street-racing crown. With the days of Midnight Club and Juiced long gone, fingers crossed CarX Street can provide some serious competition.

It’s currently slated for release on PC via Steam Early Access on the 24th November 2021 and we hope console versions will follow soon after like its predecessor.

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