New environments and cars unveiled for open-world racer CarX Street

Thomas Harrison-Lord
New environments and cars unveiled for open-world racer CarX Street

At Traxion.GG we’ve decided that the world needs more open-world racers, and with CarX Street arriving soon, this type of racing game is about to receive a brand new contender.

Developer CarX Technologies – of CarX Drift Racing Online and many CarX-themed mobile games – has been updating fans with teasers as they go along the CarX Street development process, the title promising to be its most ambitious project so far.

CarX Street traffic

There are now several new images, showcasing first of all the cars and customisation options. The CarX games eschew official licencing of vehicles, but the models always look very close to real-life counterparts. Images have been revealed for what looks very similar to a fifth-generation Honda Civic, a classic Porsche 911 and a whole host of trendy modified rides.

CarX Street Roxy

There’s also a poster for a character called ‘Roxy’, including a Mazda RX-7, which looks to be part of the clubs feature, called Speedline Syndicate.

CarX Street Docks

While exact details on the size, scope and detail of the Sunset City environment remain to be seen, the latest images showcase busy highways with NPC traffic and sprawling high-rise city landscapes. Some of the unique areas within the map (thanks to Forza Horizon 5, do we call these ‘biomes’ now?) include the docks, industrial estates, parkland and mountainous countryside. We’re getting distinct Japanese vibes.

CarX Street property development

In a nod to the Test Drive Unlimited series, you will take on the role of a real estate magnate, purchasing and selling properties within the world.

Based on these images alone, CarX Street should be an interesting street-racing title, but we are yet to see gameplay or try it ourselves. With access to the PC version starting 24th November 2021, we won’t have to wait too long.

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