New RaceRoom update changes F4 physics and BoP

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Tatuus F4 RaceRoom Update

A hefty new update for the pre-eminent free-to-play PC simulator RaceRoom is now live.

Weighing in at 400MB, the main focus for the changes is how Balance of Performance (BoP) can be utilised online. Now, you will be able to see the BoP values for each car before joining a multiplayer session and those using a dedicated server can now tweak power levels to adjust BoP accordingly. The BoP levels of the WTCR cars have also been adjusted.

From a car point of view, the big news is the Tatuus F4 single-seater receiving a whole new physics model and more accurate sounds to boot too. In real life, the car has been used for various F4 championships, including the 2014 Italian F4 series, won by Lance Stroll.

A whole host of other smaller changes have been made to vehicles within the game, including the futuristic electric CUPRA e-racer, which will compete in this year’s inaugural PURE ETCR championship. In this instance, the high-speed damping has been changed, with increased mechanical trail and reduced rear bump steer.

Finally, there is a new track pack bundle. It doesn’t contain any new circuits for the game but does include a new grouping of venues, which helps stomach the cost a little bit. The Eastern Track Pack is available now for €14.99/£11.35 and includes: Mount Panorama, Chang International, Dubai Autodrome, Ningbo International Speedway, Shanghai Audi International Circuit, Suzuka, Twin Ring Motegi, Zhejiang Circuit, Zhuhai Circuit and Macau.

The full changelog is below, should you fancy a detailed read, and as always, let us know on social media if you have been playing this game.

RaceRoom March 2021 update changelog

  • Dedicated server: Added Power Restrictor as a BOP tool for the car model selection tree. Range is 90.0% to 100.0% and rules over the final power output of the car engine.
  • Dedicated server: Added a Spectator Whitelist to allow blocking of any undesired spectator client. Leaving the whitelist empty will result in anyone being allowed to spectate.
  • Added BOP values to the car selection screen upon joining a multiplayer session.
  • Various improvements to rolling starts for a smoother experience
  • Fixed setup no longer allows Tyre Pressure modifications
  • Audi TT cup – High-speed damper tuning, AI slowed down in fast corners
  • BMW M3 E30 (Touring Classics) – Calmed down the rear as it was a bit too tail-happy
  • CUPRA e-racer – Rebalanced high-speed damping, increased mechanical trail and reduced rear bump steer.
  • DTM 1992 & Touring Classics – Increased pneumatic trail
  • DTM 2014,2015,2016 – Longer default final drive ratio for Nuerburgring
  • DTM 2020 – Decreased pneumatic trail, increased mechanical trail, equalised damper zero nodes and rebalanced dampers.
  • Fabcar 935 – Resized wheels so the car is now looking correct, adjusted physics to match.
  • GT2 – All cars – High-speed damper tuning
  • GTR3 – All cars – High-speed damper fine-tune and adjusted some mechanical trail values to reduce excessive steering forces
  • GTR4 – All cars – Updated slip angle and camber calculations to bring them into line with GT3’s.
  • Lotus GT4 – Reduced front axle dynamic camber
  • NSU TTS – Physics update: Tyres V4.1 (2 compounds available), reduced brake power, reduced fuel consumption and general handling polish.
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – Rebalanced high-speed damping
  • Renault Megane TCR – New cockpit sounds
  • Tatuus F4 – Physics updates and new sounds for it too.
  • VW Golf WTCR – Fixed damage sensitivity of this car that was a bit wild
  • VW Scirocco Group 2 – Longer final drive ratio for RedBull Ring Short (Suedschleife)
  • WTCC TC1 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) – Increased mechanical trail, updated fuel use estimates, rebalanced high-speed damping thresholds and rates, increased radiator cooling
  • WTCR – BOP adjusted, some default setup tweaks for the Honda (leaderboards were wiped)
  • Dubai – Fixed AI using way too much curb
  • Mid-Ohio – Fixed rolling starts that were starting too close to Start line.
  • Silverstone GP layout – New AI raceline, pitlane AI path and improved hot lap spawn location
  • Spa-Francorchamps – Attempt at improving on AI traffic jams noticed in the GP pitlane entrance. Tweaked AI behaviour so they use less curbs and better respect track limits.
  • Weathertec Laguna Seca – Fixed rolling starts that were starting too close to Start line.
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