Latest CarX Drift Racing Online update adds new map and cars

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Latest CarX Drift Racing Online update adds new map and cars

One of the leading drifting-focussed racing games, CarX Drift Racing Online, has just received a massive 2.11.0 update which adds new content.

The game was originally released on PC via Steam in 2017, with PS4 and Xbox One versions following in 2019. Despite its age, support is plentiful and all this is while the team works on a new game, CarX Street.

NRing in CarX Drift Racing Online

The chief addition is one new map and three new cars. The NRing venue is in the style of a contemporary racing venue and features flowing, medium speed, curves and a smooth surface. Ideal for side-by-side online drifting.

Penguin CarX Drift Racing Online

The Penguin, GloriousXZ and Flash are now part of the car roster. CarX doesn’t have licensed vehicles, so we can neither confirm or deny that these resemble the Pontiac Solstice, Nissan 300ZX and Nissan R34 Skyline sedan.

GloriousXZ CarX Drift Racing Online

A big draw to the series is the car customisation options, and these have been enhanced in this update too, thanks to new body kits for the Vanguard- StreetX, Karnage 7C-ProFlow and Cobra GT530- StreetX. There’s a slew of new stickers for your custom livery designs too.

Flash CarX Drift Racing Online

Finally, there’s a list of smaller changes and fixes, which we’ve listed below. The update is now live for PC players and developer CarX Technologies has confirmed that PlayStation and Xbox players will receive the patch within the next two weeks.

CarX Drift Racing Online 2.11.0 update changelog

New content

  • Added a new NRing map’
  • Three new cars: Penguin, GloriousXZ, Flash’
  • Added new body kits for: Vanguard- StreetX + New rims in the D-spec category, Karnage 7C-ProFlow, Cobra GT530- StreetX’
  • Name of UI body kits: The names of body kits and individual body parts appeared in the customization menu
  • New stickers have been added in the categories: Flames, CBW, Pro Drift, Street Class


  • Added the option to disable the glass and the pilot from the passenger compartment.
  • The pilot now supports steering wheel animations at 180, 360, 540, 900 degrees.
  • The camera settings window has been improved.
  • The option to disable the rudder and pilot has been moved. Added a new option to disable first person glasses.
  • Updated XDS configs on all maps.
  • The default auto settings have been changed in tiers 4-5.
  • The room information window has been changed: You can now see the controller used by the player through the player list in the room

Physics update

  • The physics of tires has been improved.
  • Improved rudder feedback.
  • Improved the realism of the suspension.
  • Improved the realism of the engine response to the analogue gas pedal.


  • Fixed unnecessary adjustments in the XDS race.
  • Reflection on Atron has been fixed.

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