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New cars, physics and engine swaps added in CarX Drift Racing Online update 

New cars, physics and engine swaps added in CarX Drift Racing Online update 

CarX Drift Racing Online has received its v2.15.0 update, adding two new cars, enhanced driving physics and the ability for players to perform engine swaps.

CarX Technologies has released version 2.15.0 of its CarX Drift Racing Online, bringing a host of new features to the fun sideways slipping sim. 

In what has been pitched as one of the game’s most comprehensive updates since its release in 2017, the developer has added two more cars to the CarX Drift Racing Online roster – the Rina and Sensei. 

Although unlicensed, the cars represent both the Nissan GT-R (Sensei) and Toyota GX71 (Rina), enhancing the game’s already extensive car list. 

New cars, physics and engine swaps added in CarX Drift Racing Online update 

As well as new content, CarX Technologies has also revised the game’s physics, optimising force feedback and adding two new bodykits: the RnT for Shadow XTR & StreetX for Falcon RZ. 

Another neat feature arriving in this update is the ability to perform engine swaps on your cars. Want to swap out the V6 on your 350Z and replace it with a big block V8? Now it’s possible. 

The new CarX Drift Racing Online update is available to download now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Do you enjoy taking CarX Drift Racing Online for a spin? What else would you like to see added? LEt us know in the comments below. 

New cars, physics and engine swaps added in CarX Drift Racing Online update 

CarX Drift Racing Online v2.15.0 changelog 

  • Cars physics updated; 
  • FFB optimized; 
  • New controller settings were added; 
  • Engine Swaps were added; 
  • Added tasks for getting engine parts; 
  • Replays for Top-32 championships added: 
  • Two new XDS configs for Pacific Hills added; 
  • New suspension settings were added and new types of differentials; 
  • Reset option for game setting added; 
  • 2 new cars: Rina and Sensei; 
  • 2 New bodykits; 
  • Max wheels angle changed up to 65 on Ultimate setup 
  • Rear bumper lights paint option added 
  • Wrong camera position on Thunderstrike fixed (View from Bumper); 
  • Burner JDM car missing separate frame paint fixed; 
  • Added ability to exit from the dyno to the modifications section; 
  • Clipping zones fading effect for chaser in tandem drift added; 
  • Time to complete races changed up to 5 minutes in single player mode; 
  • Fixed an issue with not enough time to pass XDS Clipping B config on St.Petersburg track; 
  • Fixed gear freezing during quick shifts on a manual transmission; 
  • Fixed prompt to save color if hex code was not changed; 
  • Fixed incorrect camera focus when painting a frame; 
  • Fixed auto bouncing when hitting cones; 
  • Added a general volume setting; 
  • Increased volume step change from 1 to 5; 
  • Fixed missing of sounds in post-combat of single mode “Tandem Drift”; 
  • Fixed the sound of the car engine in the championship screen; 
  • Controls in replay mode updated; 
  • Added ability to assign upshift and downshift to one stick of controller; 
  • Fixed toggling the selection when scrolling the locations list; 
  • Improvements in speed measurement system display in the test track dyno; 
  • Improvements for the display of vehicle acceleration in miles in the garage; 
  • Low performance vinyl editor interface optimization; 
  • Fixed interface locking when exiting the test track dyno; 
  • Fixed duplicate selection of a previously selected sticker in the vinyl editor; 
  • Multiplayer 
  • Added synchronization of police siren in multiplayer; 
  • Added “Kiss the wall” indicator while waiting for opponents in competition; 
  • Added opportunity to return to a missed checkpoint in the “Tandem Drift” challenge; 
  • Fixed problem with displaying players with 0 ping in MP; 
  • Fixed reset of stats in post-combat multiplayer; 
  • Removed notification to other players when creating a single event; 
  • Optimized maps change and time of day change with a bad internet connection. 
  • Top32 
  • Added start of TOP-4 stage if 3 players have qualified; 
  • Added “Waiting for opponent” message to chaser after getting disqualified; 
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