v0.25 update adds new car and nearly 100 new missions

A huge new update has arrived for today, adding the new Civetta Scintilla supercar, nearly 100 new challenges, a revised garage plus countless other fixes and improvements.
New car and host of updates added to 02

The team behind has today (15th June 2022) released a gargantuan update to their eponymous physics-based driving game, updating the sim to v0.25.

Civetta Scintilla supercar

The headline feature of v0.25 is the addition of the Civetta Scintilla supercar. This V10, mid-engined monster features advanced stability control modes and active aero, as well as V8 engine variations – both petrol and diesel. Yeuch.

Somewhat akin to the Lamborghini Huracán and Audi R8, the car also features an automatic nose lift to help with those pesky speed bumps. Although part of the fun of BeamNG is hitting those speed bumps at high speed…

The Civetta also features police, rally, off-road, drag and race variants, which are sure to please all BeamNG users no matter their favoured driving style. - Civetta Scintilla

A deluge of new missions

The v0.25 update for also adds nearly 100 new missions to the game, including new Hypermiling, Crawl, Target Jump, Drag, Drift and Cannon mission types.

Yes, cannon missions. One involves taking down pigeons from a building’s roof. Why? Because BeamNG. Meanwhile, hypermiling is all about fuel-saving, analogous to those similar challenges in Gran Turismo 7, while Soccer Pit, yes that’s Soccer Pit, is a Beam take on Rocket League or Switch Sports Football. soccer pit

The Driver Training campaign has also been absorbed by BeamNG’s mission system, with new challenges taking this part of the game up to 14 separate tests.

Garage mode returns

Garage Mode makes a return, with an updated User Interface helping make this area an ideal location for screenshots of your favourite cars – with or without their bodywork attached. Camera presets have been added alongside the ability to click through lighting for the vehicles and the garage environment.

The new update is expansive in its scope, with are gargantuan quantity of improvements and bug fixes.

Other notable additions include force feedback adjustments, carbon-ceramic brakes, traffic system upgrades, Steam Deck functionality fixes as well as vehicle updates to the Soliad Wendover, Hirochi SBR4, ETK 800-Series, ETK K-Series, Gavril H-Series, Cherrier FCV and Bruckell Bastion.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

BeamNG has enjoyed ongoing development since its inception in 2013 and the team behind it stressed in our podcast late last year how much effort and attention to detail goes into every update.

For a full rundown of what’s included with the update, see below. v0.25 Release Notes


    • Mid-engine super car with a screaming V10
    • V8 Gasoline and V8 Diesel engine swap options
    • Most advanced driving & safety electronics so far
      • Finely tuned stability control that uses differentials and all wheel drive systems for less intrusive corrections
      • Multi-stage active aero features for drag reduction and downforce increase during cornering
      • Highly detailed driving modes with very distinctive behaviors
      • Custom top-speed mode for Velocitá model
    • New high-end carbon-ceramic brakes
    • Automatic electric axle lift in Strada mode
    • Openable doors
      • Custom door controls
      • Pyrotechnical hinges that open in case of a rollover
    • All new digital racing dashboard with highly customizable content
    • A wide selection of factory and custom configs
      • Several factory trims (GT, GTs, GTx, Corse, top-speed-optimized Velocità)
      • Hardtop and Spyder variants
      • Lots of cool aftermarket and race-focused variants, such as:
        • GTs Polizia
        • Dark Owl
        • Custom
        • Amateur Rally
        • Off-road
        • Drag
        • Race
    • An even wider selection of multi-colored colorable liveries
    • A surprise you will discover within the parts selection (☞゚ヮ゚)☞
  • Bruckell Bastion
    • Added drag mode with line lock, trans-brake lights
    • Added wigwag lights
    • Fixed Bastion ESC light staying OFF after using Drift mode
    • Fixed Bastion digital gauge displaying g-meter in Caged mode

Cherrier FCV

  • Cherrier FCV now has the DCT in M in Off-road mode
  • Added stripped interior
  • Added custom racing dash and racing interior parts
  • Strengthened rear rally suspension strut towers
  • All Gauge: Temperature unit is converted to user unit
  • Electric Gauge: fix timing issue when loading
  • Improved roll cage
  • Adjusted various turbo spool behaviors
  • Unicycle is now rotation aware and rotates its body with the camera
  • Fixed unicycle reset behavior after an instability
  • Fixed indicator auto-turn disable desyncing of hazard state
  • Fixed setting vehicle paint data when spawned from a prefab in scenarios
  • Wheels
    • Added Alder Vulcan Drag Wheels


  • NEW: Garage
  • Automation Test Track
    • Enabled gated road for race tracks
  • East Coast, USA
    • Updated backdrop terrain to higher quality
    • Improved groundcover textures
    • Fixed misplaced meshes
    • Fixed bus signs position
    • Fixed floating rocks, trees, and prefabs
    • Fixed some misplaced trees
    • Fixed stretched texture on sidewalk
    • Fixed invisible decalroads
  • ETK Driver Experience Center
    • Created diffs obstacle for training mission
    • Enabled gated road for race tracks
    • Improved beach grass
    • Fixed slippery zone groundmodel
    • Fixed floating rocks
    • Fixed reflector soft collision
  • Gridmap V2
    • Fixed tile missing collision
    • Fixed texture stretch on sine suspension test mesh
    • Fixed tile z-fighting
  • Hirochi Raceway
    • Improved terrain colors and settings
    • Improved and updated to PBR backdrop material
    • Improved transition between terrain and backdrop
    • Improved grass groundcover colors matching with terrain colors
    • Fixed an intangible tire wall
  • Industrial Site
    • Enabled gated road for race tracks
  • Italy
    • Fixed some incorrect objects position
    • Fixed airport building collision
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Improved beach grass
    • Fixed some foliage positions
    • Fixed floating rocks
  • West Coast, USA
    • Fixed collision mesh on inner city park fence
    • Fixed decalroads transition
    • Fixed some misplaced collision meshes
    • Fixed some floating trees
    • Fixed toll LOD issue
    • Fixed a tree growing through a roof
    • Fixed a hole in the ground in the city
  • Common
    • Updated decals on roads and terrain to PBR in all maps but Italy, West Coast and Automation
    • Updated rocks textures to PBR in all maps but Automation
    • Updated dirt decalroads in all maps but Automation, Italy and West Coast
    • Fixed skylight shadow value in Industrial, Jungle rock island and Utah
    • Fixed rivers issues in Italy, Jungle rock, Utah and East Coast


  • New Mission Types
    • New AI Race Mission Type:
      • Race against AI cars with your own or a provided car
      • 10 new Missions are available across East Coast USA, West Coast USA, Italy and Utah: The One to Beat, Speed Sense, Street Tour, Scenic Coast, Dam Crossing, Ridge Race, Highway Battle, Wild West Trails, West Coast Circuit 1, Highway Loop
    • New Cannon Mission Type:
      • Destroy targets with the old cannon
      • 6 new Missions are available across Small Island, Italy, West Coast USA, East Coast USA: Stop the bus!, Rooftop Shooting, A Break, Delivery Destruction, Pigeons on the Roof, A Flock Of Pigeons
    • New Crawl Mission Type:
      • Crawl through difficult terrain without a time limit
      • You can recover back to some checkpoints you reached without having to restart the whole mission
      • 7 new Missions are available across East Coast USA, Hirochi Raceway, Italy, Small Island and Utah: River Crawl, Hirochi Crawl, Beach Crawling, Cave Crawling, Short Cliff Crawl, Dried River Crawl, Long Crawl
    • New Garage to Garage Delivery Mission Type:
      • The original scenario now available as a mission on various levels
      • Deliver Cars from one place of the map to another
      • Multiple versions of the mission which will only use a subset of vehicles or locations (For example, only sport cars)
      • 13 new Missions are available across East Coast USA, Italy, Jungle Rock Island and Utah
    • New Hypermiling Mission Type:
      • Drive as far as you can with very limited amount of fuel
      • 9 new Missions are available across East Coast USA, Industrial, Italy, Jungle Rock Island, Utah and West Coast USA
    • Knockaway Mission Type:
      • The original scenario now available as a mission on various levels and configurations
      • Knock away a number of targets within a time limit to gain the most points
      • 7 new Missions are available across East Coast USA, Gridmap V2, Industrial and Utah: Barrel Hunter: Farm House, Forest and Sawmill, Knockaway: Barrels, Suspension Test and Blocked Road
    • A Run for Life:
      • Drive as far as possible while staying within the camera and avoiding obstacles
      • Available on Gridmap V2
    • Target Jump Mission Type
      • Get the highest score by crashlanding in specific areas
      • Available on Utah
  • Updates for existing Mission Types:
    • Delivery Mission Type
      • 3 new Missions are available across Gridmap V2 and Italy: Soccer Pit 1 and 2, Scintilla Delivery
      • Cargo vehicles are now turned off by default
    • Drift Mission Type:
      • 3 new Missions are available across ETK Driver Experience Center and Italy: Gymkhana Basics, Basic Gymkhana
      • 1 new Mission is available on Italy
    • Drag Mission Type:
      • Re-added the old lapping-system from the previous version
      • Improved start-line detection
      • Fixed the disqualification screen
  • Campaigns
    • Driver Training Campaign:
      • This campaign has been ported to the mission system, with several updated and added missions, resulting in 14 missions in total
      • Missions can be unlocked in a non-linear way
  • Mission System General
    • Added Progression System:
      • Mission-specific stats like scores, times, distances, etc., will be saved on a per-attempt basis
      • Best results are visible on the Map View when selecting a mission, and also on the mission start and end screens.
      • Which and how stats should be saved is completely moddable and can be set up on a per-mission-basis
      • Supports multiple leaderboards per mission based on mission configuration (amount of laps, type of vehicle etc.)
    • Mission Editor:
      • Can now show previews by default instead of hovering
      • Can now check for missing mission type values automatically
    • Fixed issues with bus stops and pathfinding for some Bus Mode missions
    • Several minor bug fixes

Driving & Safety Electronics

  • Added various new control schemes
    • AWD control (Manipulates the AWD system in order to better manage various driving scenarios)
    • Diff control (Adjusts diff locking and similar behaviors for improved and less intrusive yaw control)
    • Aero control (Uses active aero elements to battle oversteer)
  • Added checks for rollover and post-crash scenarios for use with other systems
  • Implemented more finely grained electronics activity tracking
  • Improved wheelslip calculation when wheels are turning in a different direction than the vehicle is moving
  • Revamped how DSE debug modes are enabled to improve performance
  • Limited acceleration noise calculation to sane values
  • Significantly reduced cost of running multiple cars with DSE
  • Fixed a case where TCS could fight with ESC for brake use
  • Fixed an issue where the secondary side of the electronic splitshaft could backdrive the secondary side when not desired
  • Fixed an issue where a purely brake-based traction control wouldn’t work correctly
  • Fixed CMU reset not working correctly in some circumstances
  • Fixed external & drivemode PID parameters not being applied correctly
  • Fixed PIDs not being reset correctly under certain circumstances

Input and Force Feedback

  • Added a new oversteer reduction assistant (enabled by default in Options > Gameplay > Assistant). It helps gamepad/keyboard users with some amount of automatic countersteering, to help stabilize the vehicle when sliding
  • Improved force feedback quality and response latency (by switching signal filtering from an exponential smoother, to the new “exponentialSmoothingT” filter)
  • Added default layout for PS5 controllers
  • Improved various default buttons and filters for PS4 controllers
  • Improved and optimized UI navigation on a gamepad:
    • Added directional-pad binding hint on the bottom bar
    • Improved Back button behavior (UI button, keyboard Esc or gamepad (B))
    • Improved navigation for the Vehicle Selector, Level Selector and Spawn Point Selector screens
    • Fixed pre-focused element behavior, an element can now be activated by pressing (A)
    • Fixed vehicle selector filters
    • Fixed scroll – scrollable areas now scroll with selection
  • Added new variant of 1:1 steering matching, and revamped its options UI. For information on how each mode behaves, use the mouse to hover over them
  • Added ability to customize the Force Feedback strength when using the “Soft Lock Force” feature. Improves its usability on powerful direct drive steering wheels.
  • Revamped and moved the Options > Controls > Filters tab to Options > Gameplay
  • Any steering assistant will now only apply to gamepads and keyboards, ensuring steering wheel input stays as transparent as possible
  • Fixed inputs sometimes being smoothed even after selecting a 1:1 steering option (to be used only with steering wheels)
  • Improved the Options > Gameplay > Driving Assistants > “Reduce steering at high speed”, by allowing full-lock countersteering at any time. This eliminates the biggest tradeof that this assistant used to suffer.
  • Added ability for modders to ship new default bindings, both game-wide and vehicle-specific. This means that mods can now work straight out of the box without your users needing to bind keys manually. If you are a modder, take a look at settings/inputmaps/keyboard*.json for a live example of game-wide bindings, and at vehicles/pickup/inputmaps/keyboard*.json for a live example of vehicle-specific bindings. Since it’s an early implementation, you can help us by letting us know if you find any issue!
  • Added ctrl+shift+F binding to open the Performance Graph menu (this key combination used to cycle the metrics panel in reverse direction)
  • Fixed SpeedLink Phantom Hawk Flight stick using a slower, smoothed gamepad filter (rather than faster unfiltered inputs)
  • Fixed some old PlayStation gamepad adapters having twitchy controls (rather than smoother inputs)
  • Fixed the F1 key not opening the Help menu anymore
  • Improved readability of log generated when an input controller emits too many events at once


  • Added several new functions accessible through bindings:
    • ctrl+shift+D – ‘Change time of day’: will cycle between day, night and sunrise
    • ctrl+shift+T – ‘Toggle traffic’: will activate it (like “Normal traffic” in radial menu), or deactivate traffic (the cars will remain in memory, ready to be instantly activated again)
    • ctrl+shift+I – ‘Toggle autonomous driving’: instructs an AI to take over behaving like a traffic car, or halts so you can gain manual control again.
    • ctrl+shift+H – ‘Deflate random tire’: will puncture a random tire of the car (press several times to damage the rest of wheels)
  • Added support for exiting left-hand drive vehicles through the right-hand door when using walking mode with ‘F’ key (for example, in the bus), thanks to a new jbeam flag named “rightHandDoor”
  • Added new style to the 3D Track Builder, ‘racetrack’, featuring flat curbs followed by a runoff area and finally a wall
  • Improved the Field Run scenario by immediately losing when you fall too far behind the chased vehicle
  • Cleaned up unnecessary logs when entering the 3D Track Builder


  • Added support for carbon-ceramic brakes
  • Improved DCT engine overrev protection
  • Starter and shutoff sounds now use the engine’s main_gain values
  • Tire burst sounds now take static and dynamic tire properties into consideration
  • Adjusted gearbox shift aggression math
  • Supercharger whine now has an additional RPM component for off-load whine
  • Clamped maximum reported boost pressure to maximum deliverable for a given turbo
  • Increased default torque limits in viscous clutches, torque converters, DCT gearboxes
  • Fixed an issue where DCTs could get stuck during revmatching
  • Fixed wheels without brakes showing up in the brake thermals debug after breaking off
  • Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown with older mods when a wheel broke off
  • Fixed an issue where combustion engines were using incorrect nodes for spawning particles
  • Fixed NOS not working correctly with CVT transmissions

Drive Modes

  • Fixed global yaw/traction control settings overriding more finely grained settings when not desired
  • Fixed issue where sometimes default settings weren’t taken into account correctly


  • Added sound support for nitrous purging
  • Added tire data module to generic gauges
  • Added “Axle Lift” controller for very low cars
  • Added controller for pyrotechnic charges
  • Implemented better unit support for generic gauges
  • Implemented AVAS support for electrics vehicles
  • Improved UI support for twin-charge systems
  • Improved lightbar controller configurability
  • Improved sound control of pneumatic systems
  • Improved switch between D/S and M modes on DCT
  • Post crash brake controller now also takes acceleration in the Z axis into account
  • Exposed some kickplate properties and events via electrics
  • Fixed some timing constants not applying to electric vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where the two-step limiter could remain active outside its operational limits
  • Fixed generic gauge remaining range calculation for ICE vehicles
  • Fixed range calculation not taking fuel type into account
  • Fixed DCT M mode being displayed incorrectly in arcade behavior
  • Fixed an issue where configuring the generic gauges didn’t work correctly with multiple parts
  • Fixed DCT being stuck in current gear after using M mode
  • Fixed Adaptive Brake Lights not working correctly together with Post CrashBrake under some circumstances
  • Fixed bug with “electrics.values.running” being true even though engine was turned off with transmission/gearbox removed


  • Added ability to toggle individual couplers from code
  • Added sideSlip attribute to wheels. It tracks how much the wheels slip laterally
  • Added skinDragCoef parameter that controls the aerodynamic skin drag of triangles
  • Added beamDampVelocitySplitRebound property to bounded beams. It allows to control the rebound velocity split of suspensions
  • Added support for returning the internal stress of bounded beams to obj:getBeamStress core function
  • Added obj:getSmoothRefVelocityXYZ function. It returns the velocity of the reference node with reduced noise
  • Improved the quality of the static collision acceleration structures by ~25%
  • Reduced the memory size of the static collision acceleration structures by 25%
  • Fixed an issue with breaking couplers via breakgroups
  • Fixed anisotropic beams retaining their damping behavior even after breaking


  • Rewrote most of the traffic system; traffic vehicles can now have distinct roles, with support for custom roles & flowgraph roles
  • Implemented roles: standard, police, suspect, service
  • All traffic vehicles now track their own driving & pursuit data; this means that police can automatically pull over or chase other vehicles in the traffic system, as well as other interactions
  • Traffic vehicles get a small forwards boost after respawning (except for vehicles with a trailer)
  • Changed traffic settings in the Options
  • Prevented trailers from having physics instability errors when attached to vehicles in traffic
  • Fixed precision of starting positions of vehicles spawned with the Multi-Spawn system
  • Fixed strange traffic vehicle behavior that could happen sometimes if the player had damage or a collision
  • Fixed and improved police roadblocks


  • Added the ability for AI vehicles to handle dynamic navigraph road drivability changes
  • Added a few new detailed parameters
  • Implemented several AI navigraph improvements on East Coast, USA
  • Improved chase mode logic; vehicles will attempt to stop and turn around smoothly if their target is behind them
  • Improved turning radius for long vehicles
  • Improved AI throttle for more gradual application
  • Improved how AI vehicles handle road speed limits
  • Improved path curvature estimation to reduce velocity profile / target speed fluctuations
  • AI vehicles will turn on engine if not already when set to an active mode
  • Optimized AI traffic mode planning distance
  • Reduced plan line instability by using a lower limit for the plan deviation step distance
  • Tweaked awareness coefficient calculation
  • Vehicle lane positioning calculation bug fix
  • Fixed an issue with unintended lane change at intersections between one-way and two-way roads
  • Fixed the AI being affected by the “Reduce steering at high speed” gameplay setting, which was limiting its cornering skills

Script AI

  • Fixed a bug whereby upon replay the vehicle would not reset with the correct position/rotation when timeOffset was set to zero.

Game Engine

  • Added native Linux binaries in BinLinux (experimental) using the new Vulkan render backend
  • Unified and You can now dynamically switch to .tech if you have the license
  • Improved some cases where the spawn position search would spawn the vehicle inside a static object
  • GLTF exporter:
    • Improved 3D mesh exporter:
      • Fixed cars with no props/flexbodies, embedding textures inside of the .glb directly
      • Fixed crash on missing jbeam data
      • Fixed missing PBR export data, making it more error resilient, added CEF texture dumping, resulting in the license plates working
    • Fixed invalid file being produce if vehicle have missing meshes
  • The F7 teleport now turns the vehicle to where the camera is pointing (added another input action using the old behavior)
  • Tweaked Gizmo Plane Size and Color Addons
  • Improved GameEngine standard input/output pipe to be more compatible with automated scripts
  • Improved external UI support: added execCtxWebId to requests that originate from web clients
  • Improved instanced line renderer: faster, less corner cases, added optional caps, see example at lua/ge/extensions/util/instancedLineRenderDemo.lua
  • Added debugDrawer:drawDot
  • Cleaned up c++ backend of the camera system
  • Fixed hookprotector not working, prevents known third party DLLs to inject broken code and crashing the game
  • Fixed groundmodel mixed up on static meshes
  • Fixed Mod manager glitches files while packing mods
  • Fixed the simulation entering 1/100x slow motion mode when reloading Lua with ctrl+L while the game is paused
  • Fixed water waves never rendering their real, full vertical amplitude (especially when camera is located close)
  • Fixed zip64 not working
  • Deprecated last remaining T3D connection code
  • Various performance improvements


  • Added pedestrian warning sounds for electric vehicles
  • Added sounds for nitrous oxide injection (“purging”)
  • Added sounds for disconnecting wing doors
  • Added additional volume sliders in game audio options
  • Added missing afterFireMufflingCoef and exhaustAudioMufflingCoef to many engine jbeam files
  • Added new turbo spindle events >Vehicle>Forced_Induction>Turbo>Spin – turbo_spin_07 ‘to’ turbo_spin_15 and turbo_spin_powerwhistle_01
  • Improved stereo separation of tire audio in 1st person cameras
  • Improved vehicle collision sounds and triggering
  • Improved pitch stepping on high pitch range sounds (supercharger whine, turbo whine and transmission whine)
  • Improved starter and shutoff sounds – Cleanup of assets; volume now follows main_gain control from engines
  • Improved scrape sounds – Minimized jitter and unwanted cutting of sounds; EQ and volume adjustments; Added metal squeal one-shots
  • All rigid surface rolls (not loose ones) now have tire hum
  • Rigid and loose surface rolls now have more consistent underlying audio between different types
  • More dynamic sound for flat tire and tire burst by incorporating downforce, air pressure and size of tire
  • Revised turbo spindle and hiss volume scale, to allow for more overall headroom
  • Exhaust and afterfire min/max distances now automated based on exhaustAudioMufflingCoef and afterFireMufflingCoef, rather than mixing separate fixed spacialiser DSP effects
  • Fixed unwanted re-triggering of bus doors
  • Fixed asphalt tire hum pitch clamp
  • Fixed cockpit audio filter not working correctly at high speeds and/or low framerates
  • Fixed certain sound effects incorrectly muting and unmuting at a fast rate when using extreme slow motion in fast computers
  • Fixed engine sounds popping the further away the vehicle gets from the camera
  • Fixed a problem with some i4 DCT vehicles not playing afterfire on gear changes
  • Fix for surface roll volume when performing stationary wheelspins
  • Minor optimizations to code related to the cockpit audio filtering
  • Various generic mix tweaks


  • NEW: Garage mode
    • Implemented dedicated UI for Garage mode
    • Implemented several Garage options (just lighting for now)
    • Implemented several Vehicle feature controls
    • Integrated Vehicle tuning into the Garage mode
  • Map Overview mode:
    • Improved camera path during transition
    • Categorized POI (points of interest) list with filters
      • Filter by type above POI list
      • Filter by map point, if point of the map contains multiple missions
    • Mission details with previews and basic progression stats
  • UI Apps:
    • Revamped the G-Forces UI app for better readability, with a new color scheme, and displaying the maximum longitudinal and lateral forces reached in the last few seconds
    • Revamped the ‘Steering’ UI app: now using a new color scheme, different proportions, showing the amount of force feedback (if using a steering wheel), white dot indicators for each selected steering assistant, and a new horizontal bar showing how much assistance is kicking in at any moment, plus optimizations and bugfixes
    • Reworked TorqueCurve app
    • New icons for Carbon-ceramic brakes on Simple Brake Thermals apps
    • UI apps no longer appear broken after loading level or other events that hide/reveal UI apps
    • Fixed “Simple Trip App” counting distance while the game is paused
    • Traffic app now uses traffic options to randomly select vehicles
    • Fixed UI app search feature issues
    • Fixed the Force Feedback UI app continuing to scroll while the simulation or replay is paused
  • Improved vehicle parts configuration:
    • Search field will no longer prevent gamepad users from going further below the list
    • Parts are now highlighted with gamepad
    • Fixed selector highlighting
  • Improved vehicle tuning:
    • Tuning now behaves correctly when switching between spawned vehicles
    • Implemented various minor fixes and optimizations
  • Improved game options:
    • Fixed Options > Help > Performance having a link to ‘Open performance graph’ in the GPU section, rather than being located in the first section
    • Fixed the Options > Controls > Force Feedback > Response Correction Curve having a white-on-white help message when hovering over with mouse since the UI theme was converted to dark mode
    • Fixed Options > Controls > Bindings menu displaying the same binding multiple times if several identical controllers are currently plugged to the computer
    • Fixed several Options > Controls > Force Feedback tooltips hovering out of view, making them unreadable
    • Fixed a typo in Options > Help menu
    • Cleaned up options menus
  • Revamped the ctrl+F metrics panel: added a minimalistic preset, added a Performance Graph hint, cleaned up old unused statistics, and ported from old T3D TorqueScript code and UI, to either ImGui (during normal gameplay) or to DebugDrawer (when UI is hidden for optimization/development purposes)
  • Added CEF UI rendering framerate to Performance Graph menu, and split normal framerate into the 3 types we use: dtReal, dtSim, dtRaw. Framerates panel will now be shown by default
  • Added new search keywords “fov” and “field of view” to easier locate camera zoom keys in the Options > Controls > Bindings menu
  • Made several changes to mission icons to make them less intrusive
  • Mission icons will be hidden when a static object is in the way
  • Fixed Performance Graph menu attributing too much time to the ‘UIupdate’ section
  • Fixed blurry sections of screen in some situations (including thumbnail generator for custom vehicle configs)
  • Fixed nothing appearing on screen when an unassigned binding was meant to be shown; now an empty rectangle will be displayed instead
  • Fixed the tab left/right hints displaying even when there was no more tabs to navigate to
  • Fixed error when the current UI layout contains no UI apps at all
  • Fixed UI errors when polling streams data shortly after spawning vehicles
  • Fixed broken UI Simulation slider
  • Fixed Repository images & videos transparency issues
  • Fixed UI running at half the target FPS, all UI animation and Digital car gauge should be smoother
  • Improved Color Picker markup and styling for the Garage mode and Freeroam
  • Updated official translations
  • Improved game credits
    • Credits now play smoothly, at a constant speed
    • Updated information in the game credits

Steam Deck

  • Added automated detection of Steam Deck, this will set correct default options
  • Added support for virtual on-screen keyboard for Steam/Steam Deck
  • Added global variable runningOnSteamDeck to detect if the game is running on Steam Deck


  • Minor usability improvements for the Options > Camera menu list
  • Changed auto centering camera to only auto-center when vehicle is moving
  • Fixed ‘external’ camera not finding a new location when the vehicle is reset back to a far away position
  • Fixed ‘orbit’ camera sometimes having unwanted sudden movements
  • Fixed ‘external’ camera not being able to properly deal with ultrasonic vehicles
  • Optimized memory use of camera code (leading to slightly decreased stuttering)


  • Fixed replay not being able to open a file recorded at different map than the current one
  • Fixed metallic car paint not being properly recorded
  • Fixed infinite ‘Loading’ screen when attempting to load a map that no longer exists (such as opening a replay from a mod map that is currently disabled)

World Editor

  • Added options to change gizmo plane size and colors
  • Added toggle draw gizmo plane shortcut
  • Added World/Local Coordinates toggle info
  • Audio Engine Debug: Changed type and limits of some UI sliders
  • Decal Road Editor: Added separate options for making AI roads and non-AI roads selectable
  • Forest Editor:
    • Fixed issue where forest brushes could get deleted by accident
    • Fixed placement of forest items in combination with the “snap to terrain” option
    • Tidied up Forest Editor Brush Group Elements and Mesh Order Alphabetically
  • ShapeEditor: added highlight of material when hovering the name in the list
  • River Editor:
    • Improved selection rendering for rivers for better clarity and performance
    • River now gets reloaded when changing the segment length
  • Renamed “Multi-Vehicle Spawner” tool to “Vehicle Groups Manager”
  • Fixed SetObjectField node to properly set the values of a tuple (e.g. vec3) field that was originally setting the 2nd and 3rd values to zero
  • Fixed draw gizmo plane option not working
  • Fixed vehicle selection issues and improved functionality in Vehicle Groups Manager
  • Fixed and improved Traffic Debug tool
  • Fixed issue where decal road names weren’t being updated in the scenetree after changing the material
  • Fixed undo/redo when creating a new SimGroup
  • Fixed “move camera to selection” when nothing is selected
  • Fixed broken beamType Beam Visualization Mode App
  • When creating a prefab out of objects in the scenetree, put the prefab in the same group
  • Hide object icons in edit modes where they are not needed
  • Various UI fixes and improvements


  • Added Garbage Debugging Window: this tool can help modders optimize the memory use of their flowgraphs, decreasing potential framerate stutters
  • Upgraded race related nodes and modules to fully support creation of races with multiple vehicles
  • Updated and created traffic nodes to use new data from the traffic system upgrade
  • Added feature for traffic vehicles to run their own role logic in a flowgraph


  • Added new render view system that will allow for multiple viewports in the future (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Added ability to disable main viewport rendering: getRenderWorldMain/setRenderWorldMain
  • Fixed grass generation performance issues


  • Vehicle Lua
    • Added thrusters.applyAccel and thrusters.applyVelocity functions. They can accelerate or speed up a vehicle to a certain speed
    • Added sigmoid and bumpFun functions to mathlib
    • Changed initialization of exponentialSmoothing to make it adapt to different base physics rates
    • Added csvlib Lua library. It provides helpers for high performance recording and writing of comma/tab separated (CSV/TSV) files
    • Added new exponentialSmoothingT filter to filters.lua, it’s a filter based on exponential smoothing but with less lag than exponential smoothing
  • Added Lua function to convert a file to .dds: convertToDDS(imageFilename, ddsFilename)
  • Added Lua ColorI, ColorF, Point2F, Point2I, Point4F, Point3F, QuatF serialization helpers: toTable/fromTable
  • Added helper hex_dump(str) to Lua to dump binary data to the console and log
  • Optimized quad tree data structure for memory usage
  • Minor speedup whenever the current camera is being set again from code
  • Fixed the graphs() Lua function sometimes failing to stick to the desired with by 1 character when displaying values close to zero
  • Fixed bug where mod manager would take forever and sometimes crash the game trying to disable 200+ mods
  • Fixed missing license headers on 100+ Lua files
  • Fixed modscripts not running when activating mod associated with it
  • Fixed vehicle color set through parts manager getting lost after pressing ctrl+R to reload vehicle
  • Fixed bug where exiting the Wentward bus into walking mode would place you on wrong side of bus
  • Fixed bug with observer camera on cameraOnEnter trigger
  • Fixed license plates always copying the player one by default when new vehicles are created


Have you tried it out yet? What’s your favourite feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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