New build and content for upcoming 2023 iRacing Season 3 now live

2023 iRacing Season 3 starts next week (12th/13th June) but the new build and content for it is available now in Week 13.
Cadillac GTP at Aragon

The 6th of June is here, and so is the new build and all the new content for iRacing for 2023 Season 3.

Members of iRacing can get their hands on three new cars and two new tracks as far as new content is concerned. On top of that, there are a host of other huge updates to the sim as well, all detailed in the many pages of release notes for the upcoming season.

New Content

The three new cars available today are the Cadillac V-Series.R GTP, the Ligier JS P320 LMP3 and the Porsche 911 GT3 R (992). The LMP3 is a brand new type of car on the service that gets its own classification. As for the Cadillac, that joins the previously released BMW M Hybrid V8 in what has become the new GTP class.

The Porsche replaces the older Porsche, and if you’ve purchased the older 911 GT3 R, you may be entitled to some sort of refund from iRacing in their credits which can be used to purchase the new one. These cars are all part of iRacing’s paid content tier, which means they will cost $11.95 each.

Two new tracks also join the fray. MotorLand Aragón with seven different configurations will join the service, as will Willow Springs International Raceway, specifically only the Big Willow layout, however. These tracks are both set at $14.95, which leads me to believe Willow will have additional layouts in the future.

New and Updated Features

What may be the biggest overhaul to Dirt Oval racing since its initial launch is here with the Dirt Refresh. This update brings new parameters to the fold, which will change aspects such as track wear, wetness, displacement, roughness, the wear on the tires and the overall dynamic changes that happen through a race.

Many cars have been added to the New Damage Model, including many Dirt Oval cars as well as NASCAR Trucks. All three of the new cars available in this build, plus a car from the last one in the Renault Clio, are also added to the NDM roster.

There are also some iRacing AI additions, and those include the three new cars and two new tracks as well. Also, Chicago Street Course got an update for 2023, just ahead of the inaugural real-world race set for 2nd July.

This update for those with all the content is approximately 14.39 GB, but just the required updates clock in under a gigabyte at 0.868 GB. Of course, you’ll also have to update the content that you own or plan to use as well, so your downloads may vary.

Week 13 is now officially underway, with loads of unofficial fun series (and a few official series too) to jump into, some of which includes the new content. We’ll see 2023 Season 3 start officially on the 12th or 13th June 2023, depending on where you are racing from.

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