MX vs ATV Legends v1.09 update adds custom lobbies

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Work continues tirelessly on MX vs ATV Legends with new online features and revised ATV physics now part of a 1.09 update.
MX vs ATV Legends v1.09 update adds custom lobbies

MX vs ATV Legends continues its ‘live service’ positioning with a new 1.09 update, available now for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

While the team goes to great then to discuss community feedback, the fact of the matter is the game launched in less than an ideal state. Continuing to work on it, however, is noble.

The latest update adds the ability to create custom online events, with various settings available for set-up, from within the Squad Compound.

MX vs ATV Legends custom online

While that’s the main new feature, work has continued on one of our main complaints, namely the way the vehicles ride and handle. Changes to the way the ATVs interact with the road surface have been enacted this time around.

Rider animations are also said to be smoother out – previously we noted that a rider’s arms move from one set animation to another, but there was a lack of naturalistic movements between those set stages.

Finally, there have been some tweaks to Washougal and High Point tracks and the frame rate is said to be improved on “on various tracks.” Let’s see how that works in testing.

The full changelog from the MX vs ATV Legends blog is below, following reports that the game has sold below expectations. Let us know in the comments below what changes you would like next.

MX vs ATV Legends version 1.09 changelog


  • Added the ability to create Custom Online Events while in a Squad Compound
  • Added a timer to the Results screen Online
  • Increased ATV suspension capabilities
  • Updated High Point and Washougal tracks for 2022 Pro Motocross
  • Fixed bug causing Control Settings to be reset
  • Fix for “To the Max” and “Factory Mechanic” achievements failing to unlock
  • Many bug fixes, visual quality improvements, and AI improvements

Detailed changelog:

  • Animation: Smoothed out stutters in rider animations when reversing and leaning
  • Physics: Increased ATV suspension capabilities to reduce bottoming out erroneously and improve handling in cambered turns
  • AI: Improvements to AI track navigation across all tracks, especially ATV and UTV AI
  • AI: Major improvement to ATV AI driving behaviors, especially when taking turns and changing race lines
  • Environment: Improved performance and frame stability on Madison County tracks (Pine Hill, North Pond, Coffee Hill)
  • Environment: Addressed numerous small bugs in terrain shaping, asset placement, collision, etc.
  • DLC: Updated track layouts in 2022 High Point and 2022 Washougal
  • DLC: Improved AI in 2022 High Point and 2022 Washougal
  • DLC: Minor performance improvements in 2022 Pro Motocross tracks
  • Online: Reduced wait time at start gate during Online races
  • Online: Added a timer and the name of the next event to race results during Online races
  • Online: Made intro cinematics unskippable during Online races; plan to remove intro cinematics entirely in a future update
  • Online: Fix to reduce instances of incorrect results in Online races
  • Online: Added Custom Events to Online Squad Compound to allow players to play in every event type with friends Online
  • UI: Increased size of Position and Laps in the Race HUD
  • UI: Increased visibility of Holeshot, Final Lap, and Finish announcements in the Race HUD
  • UI: Fix to reduce instances of HUD going missing when transitioning to Lobby/Freeride
  • Audio: Updated 450F engine sounds
  • Audio: Slight adjustments to 250F engine sounds
  • Audio: Slight adjustments to 250 two-stroke engine sounds
  • Audio: General improvements to the consistency and quality of driving surface sound effects
  • Misc: Fixes for bad reset positions and inconsistent track bounds across all races
  • Misc: Fixed bug causing Control Settings to be reset
  • Misc: Reduced max FOV for Custom Camera; added settings option to disable FOV reduction
  • Misc: Improved quality and playback of career cinematics
  • Many other smaller bugfixes not called out above
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