MOZA Racing launches new GS Steering Wheel and R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

A relative newcomer to the sim racing equipment scene, MOZA Racing has launched a brand new wheel and base.
MOZA Racing launches new GS Steering Wheel and R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base

On Thursday (10th March 2022), MOZA Racing dropped two new products simultaneously for their sim racing clientele. Their first formula-style wheel, the MOZA GS Steering Wheel, along with a new Direct Drive wheel base in the MOZA R9, are now both available on the MOZA Racing website.

These two products join a list of other items for sale through the MOZA ecosystem of sim racing peripherals. They started selling high end wheels, wheel bases, pedals and other accessories last year in September.

MOZA GS Steering Wheel ($499 + tax)

The new MOZA GS Steering Wheel is a formula-style rim, although their website prefers that it be considered a GT-style. It measures 300mm from end to end and has Alcantara grips. The back of the wheel features a pair of dual clutch magnetic shifter paddles. Also, it has a custom quick release with wireless technology to swap wheels and transmit data easily.

As for the meat of the rim, the frame is made of 5mm-thick carbon fiber. It has 10 mechanical keys (which have illumination), two thumb knobs, five front-facing band knobs, and two joysticks. there is a strip of LED lighting at the top, which is just a strip of 10 LED lights which can be programmed between seven different colors, to be mostly used for shifting purposes.

All in all, it’s a great formula-style edition to this line of products. It retails for $499 plus applicable taxes. Per the site, it will work with any of the now three wheel bases in the MOZA Racing arsenal.

MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base ($459 + tax)

While their other two released Direct Drive wheel bases are on the more powerful side at 21 and 16 N·m Peak Torque, the 9 N·m Peak Torque MOZA R9 Direct Drive Wheel Base is a more cost-friendly option for those looking to get into sim racing on a direct drive system.

A similar look to the newer Fanatec DD systems, the R9 has a smaller profile than many direct drive options. That’s one of their selling points as well. It’s compact enough to not take up too much space if you’re racing in someplace like a “dorm room”.

It’s made from “aviation grade” aluminum alloy, has a built-in temperature control system, and a “Zero Latency Wireless Technology” for the inputs on the wheel to communicate with the base and therefore the computer.

On that quick-release section, you can see the contacts on the shaft where the wheel would make contact to transmit the data. I think of it like wireless charging technology you’d see in a cell phone where there is no plug, just magnets and magic. It must be thanks, in part, to the built-in quad core chip.

Finally, there is also an app that you can download to change the settings on your system. This base retails for $459 plus taxes and together with the GS Steering Wheel and a set of their already-released CRP Pedals ($499 + tax), you can have a pretty top shelf direct drive formula racing system for under $1,500 before taxes.

These are the first products from MOZA that we’ve covered here on Traxion and hopefully it won’t be the last. This company out of Shenzen, China has been around since 2012 in the sphere of camera technologies.

Their current line of sim racing specific products are new as of September 2021. Regardless, we’ll be keeping an eye out for future products as they continue to expand into sim racing. Let us know your thoughts on these new sim racing peripherals, and as always, keep it pinned.

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