iRacing 2021 Season 2 Patch 5 now available

Justin Melillo
iRacing 2021 Season 2 Patch 5 now available

The ongoing drama with iRacing’s New Damage Model seems to have been corrected for the fifth patch for 2021’s Season 2. 

When Season 2 released, the NDM was enabled on the Street Stock, the 1987 Chevy, and the 1987 Ford. Almost immediately, it was disabled on all three of those and on the ARCA car. Five patches later, the 87’s have it back and everything is as it was intended to be. 

Also, it was discovered last week that issues in Dallara-IR18 races were causing issues for users. This issue has seemingly been fixed. 

This patch also includes some general updates to the service, a lot of it in the User Interface. On top of that, for the eNASCAR Pro Invitational Series, their next virtual race at Darlington Raceway will be on an updated surface with updated graphics. 

There were also some updates to the iRacing Sporting Code for “clarity and consistency”. The other changes can be found on the support forum, or have a look at it all below. 


iRACING UI: (5.13.03-2021-s2) 


  • Fixed an issue with registering for an event where the Register button would appear to be re-enabled for several seconds (and could appear to some as a registration failure) while the registration process was actively completing. This occurred for users who had their confirmation dialog bypass enabled. 

Current Series 

  • Fixed an issue when creating a Hosted Session from a Series Schedule did not maintain the correct car classes or number of drivers and was incorrectly displaying the length for an Open Practice Session. 

Team Racing 

A Back button has been added to the Team Registration window which returns a user back to the Series window. 

  • The “Watch” option has been removed from the Team Registration window. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Register button was not being correctly disabled for users attempting to register their team for an Open Practice Team Session that was full. 

AI Racing 

  • AI Drivers in Opponent Rosters are now editable using the upgraded Paint Shop with the 3D Model Viewer! 
  • Fixed an issue with Opponent Rosters where newly added AI Drivers could be assigned the same driver number as an existing AI driver. 
  • Fixed an issue with outputting AI results after a Race if the Opponent Roster had duplicate names or numbers. 

Hosted Racing 

  • Fixed an issue where creating a Hosted Session from the Season Schedule window was incorrectly setting the duration of the Practice to 20 minutes instead of a full hour. 
  • Fixed an additional issue with these Hosted Sessions when attempting to add additional hours was also only adding time in 20 minute increments instead of the full hour. 

League Racing 

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to launch Test Drive sessions from Pending League Sessions. 

Paint Shop 

  • Fixed an issue where improper colors could be used with fixed paint schemes for some vehicles. 


Hosted Racing 

  • Fixed an issue where an error message was being displayed when trying to schedule a Hosted Session using car classes. 



  • Fixed an issue that could crash the Simulation for multiple users under certain conditions. 
  • This was mostly observed during serious high-speed collision events involving one or more Dallara IR18’s, but could also occur with other vehicles. It would appear to others as though the server had dumped several users all at once, when in fact their Simulations had crashed. 

Race Control 

  • Fixed an issue where a missed start delay could not account for the pit lane’s exit time from the pit lane end to the merge point being potentially different from the race line’s path. 
  • Typically, this is not an issue, but at a track like Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – Grand Prix Pits where the pit exit cuts the inside of a hairpin on a 90 meters shorter path, a missed start car would be released 4-6 seconds too early. 

Sporting Code 

  • The Sporting Code has received some updates for clarity and consistency. Also, a new Glossary section has been added. 


Dirt Late Model 

  • (ALL) – Opponent car parameters have been updated to improve stability and correlation to the player car. 

Dirt Midget 

  • Tire parameters have been updated, construction has been made stiffer, and tread pattern has been updated. 
  • Opponent car wheel spring rates and ride heights now have a better correlation. 
  • iRacing setups have been updated. 

NASCAR Chevrolet Monte Carlo – 1987 

  • The New Damage Model has been re-enabled for this vehicle! 

NASCAR Ford Thunderbird – 1987 

  • The New Damage Model has been re-enabled for this vehicle! 


Darlington Raceway 

  • Track surface parameters have been updated. 
  • Some advertisements and signs have been updated. 
  • Some additional SAFER foam has been added. 
  • Fixed a lighting issue with some glass in the tower at Turn 3. 

Texas Motor Speedway 

  • (Legends Oval) – Pace speed has been reduced. 
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