How to complete “The Pathfinder Challenge” Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5

Here’s how to complete “The Pathfinder Challenge” Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5, alongside a guide to this week’s Festival Playlist.
Here's how to complete "The Pathfinder Challenge" Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5, alongside a guide to this week's Festival Playlist.

For the 21st series on Forza Horizon 5, titled Explore the Horizon, there will be a Treasure Hunt every week. However, these will be much different than past Treasure Hunts as they now include the Pathfinder, a new challenge in the game.

The Summer ‘Wet Season’ kicks things off with the first of those Pathfinders, a trio of clues to eventually knockdown the treasure chest at the end of the final path.

Forza Horizon 5's June Festival Playlist 'Explore The Horizon' features Pathfinder challenges

We’ve got that and everything else you need to know about this first week of the new festival.

The cars you can unlock this week are the DeBerti F-250 for 20 PTS and the Porsche Macan RR for 40 PTS.

As for the series itself, you can get into Wuling Sunshine after collecting 80 PTS and the 2021 Audi RS 7 after collecting 160 PTS.


The Treasure Hunt named “The Pathfinder Challenge” comes with the clue “Check out this week’s Pathfinder challenges in the Evolving World Accolades page. If you can uncover all 3 trails then the treasure will be yours!”

A bit different than most Treasure Hunts, and this will require you to go into the Accolades menu, opposite the Festival Playlist menu on the same screen. Click on Evolving World and then tab over to Pathfinder.

First up is the Tulum Trail, and the description reads “The beach resort had great views of Tulum and is where you’ll find the first marker for this trail. Seek it out and find where it leads…”

Tulum is all the way on the right side of the map, the Southeast just under the Horizon Apex Outpost. If you travel to “The Colossus” event on your map, you will be in the right area. You’ll find some green balloons heading west into the forest/jungle.

After the green balloon, you’ll follow a trail of pink balloons until you reach the final group of green ones. The game gives a generous 10 minute timer to complete the path, but you shouldn’t need more than a couple of minutes to get through.

Completing the first path will complete the accolade, earn you a Wheelspin, and unlock the clue for the second one. The clue is for the Guanajuato South Trail accolade, and that reads “To the south of Mexico’s biggest city is where you’ll find the start of this route, follow the markers to earn the reward…”

This second path starts just outside the limits of the city of Guanajuato, to the southeast, close to Tierra Prospera. Again, there are green balloons to signify the start, pink balloons to follow, and the end is met with more green balloons. Another Wheelspin is yours, and the third and final clue is now unlocked in Accolades.

Aerodromo East Trail is the final Accolade clue for this week, and it reads “On the South East end of the abandoned airfield is where you need to go for this trail, but can you find its end…”

Now down in the bottom left hand corner of the map, in the southwest quadrant for Aerodromo En La Selva, go to the abandoned airstrip, and towards the far right of the strip where a dirt road forks away from heading to the hangar, you’ll see your final green balloon starting point.

Once you follow the path to completion, the Treasure chest will automatically appear. The end point is located just south of the Sierra Verde Dam. A purple chest icon will appear on your map, but you will have already found it and can smash directly into it.

Here's how to complete "The Pathfinder Challenge" Treasure Hunt in Forza Horizon 5, alongside a guide to this week's Festival Playlist.

The rewards are slightly different this go around. Another Wheelspin will be able to be collected from the Accolades menu, but along with the 3 PTS, you’ll receive 250,000 Credits to spend.


This week’s photo challenge requires you to take a picture of a donkey. No, that’s no joke. Grab any car you want and head out to Cascadas de Agua Azul, just north of the Horizon Wilds outpost.

You will need to find the camera equipment and some wild donkeys. Once you’ve done this, whip out the new enhanced Photo Mode and get to snapping.

Simply open the camera app by using up on the D-pad and tap A to snap the picture to gain the rewards.

Upon completion, the “DONKEY!” forza link reward is yours. This can be equipped by heading to the customization area in the pause menu. 


This week’s rewards available within Series 21’s Wet season include two cars, those being the Mercedes-Benz 300SL from 1954 for 500 Forzathon points and a Hennessey Velociraptor 6X6 for 300 Forzathon points.

They join the Take Off Emote and the Senkoe’s Relaxed Fit Tee items, alongside the always available Horizon and Super Wheelspins. 

Both cars are available to buy from the Autoshow for a combined cost of CR. The available items from the Forzathon Shop this week are: 

  • 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL – 500 FP 
  • Take Off Emote– 75 FP 
  • Senkoe’s Relaxed Fit Tee – 75 FP 
  • Hennessey Velociraptor 6X6 – 300 FP 
  • 1x Super Wheelspin – 150 FP 
  • 1x Horizon Wheelspin – 60 FP 


This week’s #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge requires you to jump into the 1972 Land Rover Series III.

To complete the entire challenge, while in the car, you’ll need to upgrade the vehicle to C Class and win a Cross Country race, Earn 2 Stars at ANY Trailblazer, and finally, earn an Ultimate Wreckage skill while driving around in the machine. Enjoy! 

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