Hang on a minute, is that a Gran Turismo 7 beta?

Hang on a minute, is that a Gran Turismo 7 beta?

Sony appears to be handing out access codes to an upcoming Gran Turismo 7 beta.


This is part of an ‘Experience PlayStation Quest’, on the PlayStation website for Italian users and has been circulating across social media this morning. A simple idea, you sign in to the website using your PlayStation account and then click around to earn various rewards.

Gran Turismo 7 beta code experience playstation

One of them is to watch 10 seconds of the GT7 reveal trailer that rewards you with a code for a, and I quote, “Italy Gran Turismo Beta Access (TEST).”

Zero details are known at this point, although despite having the country of Italy in the title, the website also says “available in global” which gives us hope that the reward code will work for anyone who lives outside of the south-central European nation.

GT7 Beta Code fail

If you input the reward code right now, you get the standard “the code you entered is incorrect or no longer valid” message.

Could it be that this promotion has started too early? Possibly, and the wording “unlock the BETA CODE EARLY!!!” seems far from the usual Sony parlance, indicating that perhaps something is amiss.

All we recommend right now is taking this with a pinch of salt that anything is happening soon, but it does give us hope for some form of GT7 beta ahead of its 2022 release at some point.

We’ll keep you update if we hear more soon. Here’s hoping!

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