Gomez Sim Industries new flagship Hyper P1 wheel rim unveiled

Gomez Sim Industries new flagship Hyper P1 wheel rim unveiled

The new flagship wheel rim from Gomez Sim Industries, the Hyper P1 was unveiled on Monday and will be available to pre-order on 1st December.

Those in the market for premium, high-end sim racing equipment might already have their eyes on the latest product coming to the market from Gomez Sim Industries, the Hyper P1.

Available to pre-order starting 1st December, the Hyper P1, which appears to be a formula-style wheel rim with what looks to be every possible bell and whistle, will become GSI’s flagship model when it releases.

Teased since at least September, the Hyper P1 was finally unveiled on social media in full earlier on Cyber Monday (28th November). Pricing will start at $1650, depending on the extras added to it, but if you order on launch day and use the 10 percent off code, things will get slightly cheaper.

This new Hyper P1 USB wheel rim compliments the top-of-the-line GT-style rim that GSI released earlier this year, the GT MAX32, which had a comparable amount of buttons, knobs, switches as well as that fancy center LCD screen.

By the looks of it, there are at least 12 buttons, four roller switches, five knobs and three joysticks that also look to be twist-able as well. That’s just on the front with the LED lights and the LCD screen. On the back, you’ll have an assortment of paddles for things like shifting, clutching, or hand-braking.

By the way, as we reported last week, the Black Friday deals on most GSI products runs through 30th November, in case you didn’t want to wait for this beast of a wheel rim. Will you be jumping on this new product from GSI? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Gomez Sim Industries

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