Gomez Sim Industries adds GSI GT-MAX32 to sim wheel product lineup

Justin Melillo

Gomez Sim Industries now has a GT-style wheel to offer in their line of sim racing peripherals. The GSI GT-MAX32 is their latest sim wheel product and pre-orders are up as of 14th February.

This new GT wheel rim is 320 millimeters in diameter with a 5 inch LCD touch screen in the center. On the center, the GT-MAX32 has eight 500-gram force momentary LED push buttons, three funky switches that go seven ways, four rotary encoders with 5-way functionally, and one center absolute rotary switch.

The base model of the GT-MAX32 starts at $1,385 and comes in two different variations, the colorful “Prime” and the sleek “Phantom” models. The first round of pre-sales will last until 15th March. Deliveries are expected in the summer of 2022.

Back in January, GSI launched the Omega Edition wheels in Formula Pro Elite and GXL Pro editions. For the most part, GSI has offered Formula-style rims. As of now, these are the only GT-style rims on the GSI catalog.

As it was with the other wheels, these new ones are compatible with Simucube, VRS, Accuforce and Fanatec DD bases. Per GSI, the Fanatec Podium Hub and Accuforce QR adapters will be needed to make the wheels properly compatible.

For a circular GT-style wheel, it definitely has a lot going on. Not many GT-style wheels have a LCD included, let alone a 5-inch touchscreen. What do you think about the latest from GSI? Let us know in the comments below!

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