WATCH: 2022 F1 predictions – how did we do?

At the start of the season, John and Oasley made some bold predictions as to who would win the 2022 Formula 1 World Championships.  

Would Mercedes continue its hybrid-era dominance? Would Red Bull add a constructors’ title to Max Verstappen’s drivers’ victory in 2021? Would Ferrari’s Prancing Horse finally kick on into a gallop, or was it headed straight for the glue factory? Would Nikita Mazespin?  

Let’s not go there… 

These were just some of the questions the Traxion team asked themselves in our pre-season video way back in January. And now, today, we review the pair’s predictions and see who was the ultimate Traxion.GG F1 Mystic Meg (that’s an obscure reference for British viewers over the age of 30). 

John and Oasley each had to predict the top 20 in the drivers’ championship and the top 10 in the constructors’, and without spoiling the results I can say that the final reckoning was a very mixed bag… 

What were your predictions at the start of the 2022 F1 season? Did you make any spectacular blunders? Let us know in the comments below! 

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