Ghoulishly great Tricks ‘n Treats in latest Turbo Golf Racing Halloween-themed update

Crystal Scuor
Turbo Golf Racing releases spooky Trick ‘n Treats update just in time for Halloween with new Hornet vehicle, exclusive missions and more!
Turbo Golf Racing's latest vehicle, Hornet, hitting a Halloween pumpkin

No, this is not a trick.

The quirky hole-in-one racing game is handing out some major treats this October in the form of a new DLC. Basically the equivalent of finding those few awesome houses on the block who always gave away the big chocolate bars or a cheeky bag of crisps.

TGR’s Tricks ‘n Treats Update should really be called Turbo Ghost Racing with all the creepy cosmetics available through 24th October of 3rd November.

Just like a chilling fog rolling through on a cold Halloween evening, the event won’t last forever. During its tenure, racers can unlock new content by participating in freshly carved missions – a first for Turbo Golf Racing, actually.

The latest Trick 'n Treats in Turbo Golf Racing's latest update

With each completion, players will earn these spook-tastic items:

  • Haunted Pumpkin Avatar
  • Pumpkin Ball
  • Pumpkin and Bats decal set
  • Bats boost trail
  • Pumpkin Boost trail

Hugecalf Studios has also included a community-created car in October’s haul. Hornet, the dangerously slick black and yellow racer, will surely give you that extra sting on the green. As if the above loot wasn’t enough, a new ‘Boost Canister’ pick-up item gifts users with a speed boost, too.

Game developers encourage Turbo Golf Racing fans to share their feedback on these types of items, since this feature may even be added to the game permanently.


New Features:

  • New Missions – In addition to the Quests system, players can now complete new challenges to unlock special rewards.
  • Added cooldown punishment for players quitting the game. The cooldown increases with further rule breaks and resets with positive behaviour.
  • A cooldown sound has been added to cores.
  • Players can now select multiple server regions.
  • Players can now play music throughout the game.
  • Patch notes can be viewed by players directly in the game.

Updated Features:

  • The ‘Quick Flip’ Power Core now gives players larger speed boost and better directional control.
  • Holding boost on countdown at the beginning of a race results in players receiving regular boost.
  • The initial level cutscene now pans over cars in the game.
  • End of season timer can now be seen in Season 1.
  • Driving onto bunkers is now smoother.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where players couldn’t re-bind the R, ctrl or shift keys
  • Addressed a camera shake issue that affected some players.


  • Optimized server cost at the start and end of game which should reduce frame rate drops

The Game Preview is currently available as part of an active Xbox Game Pass subscription on console and PC, or through an Early Access Purchase via Steam.

Via Steam

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