Future 2023 Dakar Desert Rally content will release in ‘one big update’

Justin Melillo
On Thursday 27th April, the team behind Dakar Desert Rally announced that their remaining content will release in one big update, more details are expected this summer.
Future 2023 Dakar Desert Rally content will release in 'one big update'

Development delays have continued to impact the release and upkeep of 2022’s Dakar Desert Rally from Saber Interactive Porto. However, a recent update from the team may provide some insight into when to expect the rest of what is expected in the 2023 update and DLC roadmap.

On Thursday (27th April), the team behind the title announced that their release schedule had been updated again for quality assurance of the remainder of their expected content.

“To ensure the quality of our upcoming content, we’re changing our upcoming release schedule and plan to make all the remaining content on the 2023 Roadmap available as part of one big update,” the Dakar Desert Rally account tweeted on Thursday. “Expect news on the release timing this Summer!”

Summer, which is the end of June at the earliest, means that there likely won’t be any updates of any kind until after that. In that respect, nothing really has changed regarding what the roadmap previously said, but now we know that it will be in one lump update instead of up to seven that may have been expected per the roadmap.

Like in the last roadmap update, instead of having set time frames listed for each update as in previous releases of the Dakar roadmap, it all still says that it is expected in 2023 still. That does give them the liberty to release it in December if they truly wanted to. I don’t think it will be that late, but you never know.

The two recent DLC drops, which were the SnowRunner Trucks Pack and the and Porsche and Tatra truck in the Chassis Vehicles Pack #1, have been on a steady release cadence, but expected features such as creating your own routes, which was originally expected for the game’s release, is still nowhere to be seen.

What do you think about this call to lump all of the content in one future update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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