Fanatec, Logitech G and Simucube wheel support added to Dakar Desert Rally

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Long overdue, further steering wheel support has been added to Dakar Desert Rally, alongside new options, settings and cockpit turning representation.
Fanatec, Logitech G and Simucube wheel support added to Dakar Desert Rally

Nearly five months since its launch, a suite of steering wheel peripherals can now be used with Dakar Desert Rally.

The official game of the Dakar game, which mixes a vast open-world environment with set stages to replicate a real event, has been somewhat hamstrung since its launch by not offering support for several popular wheel brands.

Steering wheel support Dakar Desert Rally

Today’s update, 28th February 2023, finally allows those with the Logitech G PRO, Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro and Simucube 2 wheel bases to experience one of the most varied terrains in gaming.

In addition, three affordable wheels by Hori are now supported. However, several gaps remain in the Fanatec range, and for PC the Thrustmaster T818 is notable only by its absence.

Additional steering wheel options have been thankfully added, with support for up to 2,520º of rotation, a Steering Wheel Wizard set-up tool and, thank goodness, the cockpit camera accurately showcasing steering wheel inputs.

SnowRunner DLC for Dakar Desert Rally

Elsewhere, support for the delayed SnowRunner cross-over downloadable content has been patched in, alongside the ability to change the camera’s field of view, and some tweaks to the Professional and Simulation games modes.

It may be the time to hop back into Dakar Desert Rally, especially with a wheel. Let us know your impressions in the comments below.

Dakar Desert Rally 28th February update changelog

New Premium Content

  • SnowRunner Trucks DLC: test your resolve against the scorching sands with NEW SnowRunner Trucks, stages, and events in this Premium DLC.
    • New Trucks:
      – TUZ 16
      – TUZ 108
      – TUZ 420
      – ZiKZ 605R
      – YAR 87
  • New Stages and Events. 
    • Sports Mode – 6 Stages and 1 Event:
      – 01 Bisha
      – 02 Jeddah
      – 03 Alsharaf
      – 04 Gayal
      – 05 Al Ula
      – 06 Shigry
    • Professional Mode – 3 Stages and 1 Event:
      – 01 Jeddah
      – 02 Gayal
      – 03 Shigry

New Features

  • Steering Wheel Wizard: An easy step-by-step solution for players to configure their connected steering wheels and peripherals.
  • Camera FOV lets you configure your FOV for the cockpit, dashboard, hood, and front cameras.
  • Added “Handling Style” to allow players to activate a more challenging experience under Gameplay Options.
  • The steering wheel angle can now be set up to 2,520º if supported by the Steering Wheel Hardware.
  • Cockpit Camera now simulates the wheel rotation of an actual steering wheel when a player is using Steering Wheel hardware.

Additional Steering Wheels Supported

  • SIMUCUBE 2 Pro Wheel Base (PC). 
  • FANATEC GT DD Pro (PC – PS4 – PS5). 
  • LOGITECH PRO Racing Wheel (PC – PS4 – PS5 – X1 – XSX – XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel APEX (PS4 – PS5). 
  • HORI FF Racing Wheel DLX (Xbox One – XSX – XSS). 
  • HORI Racing Wheel Overdrive (Xbox One – XSX – XSS). 


  • Added more classes of AI vehicles during Professional and Simulation modes to make them feel more realistic.
  • For Professional and Simulation game modes, all vehicles will now be included in the ranking to make these modes feel more realistic.
  • Removed auto-driving in the DSS when playing in Professional and Simulation game modes.
  • Players can configure the Steering wheel angle up to 2,520 degrees on supported hardware.
  • In Simulation Mode with Bikes or Quades when the player doesn’t have a co-pilot, the odometer will only be adjusted automatically on Waypoints. 
  • In Simulation Mode, the Waypoint radius opening distances were adjusted to increase the sim navigation experience.
  • Reduced repetition from the Navigator AI when they speak.
  • Adjusted wheels’ life so flat tires occur more realistically.
  • Added a button to refresh leaderboard information.

Source: Saber support

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