Forza Motorsport’s latest update fixes annoying bug

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Update 1.1 for PC and Xbox is set to remove the ‘infinite loading’ after automatically applying car upgrades.
Forza Motorsport's latest update fixes annoying bug

It’s not the massive update we expect, or some would argue ‘need’, but Update 1.1 does at least promise the zapping of a frustrating bug within Forza Motorsport.

During the Builds Cup, the main single-player campaign, we often experienced the game seeming to freeze after hitting the auto-upgrade option which would assign the best new parts to our car.

The little loading icon that explained how the game was adding parts just sat there, spinning a lonely circle animation, forcing the restarting of the title. The problem was, in our experience, sometimes this led to progress not saving through a series. At times, we were pushed back one or even two races that we’d already completed.

Forza Motorsport Quick Upgrade
Forza Motorsport Quick Upgrade button – we were scared of this incase it lost our progress!

At last, 19 days since the public could play (via paid-for early access) Turn 10 Studios’ latest driving release, this now appears to be fixed. Thank goodness.

If you we expecting other fixes, such as the weird spawn-points in Featured Multiplayer (that sometimes see the AI reversing your car…) or the other constant icon for ‘replay downloaded successfully’ (even though the replay is anything but successful) then we await a further update, hopefully soon.

For now, the full changelog is below and let us know what you’d like to see next for Forza Motorsport via our social media.

Forza Motorsport Update 1.1 changelog

  • This hotfix will help mitigate an issue where players could encounter an infinite loading screen when saving a Quick Upgrade in the Builders Cup Intro Series under variable network conditions.
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