Five things to do while Gran Turismo 7 installs

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Gran Turismo 7 is a gigantic game with a huge scope – that also means its installation and download can take a while.
Five things to do while Gran Turismo 7 installs

100 GB. It’s a lot, but in modern video game context, par for the course. Still, that means that while Gran Turismo 7 installs or downloads, you may be twiddling your thumbs while your diesel Mazda Demio awaits. 

All is not lost, however, as here are some timewasters you could do while your PlayStation 4 or 5 ingests Polyphony Digital’s finest. 

Open the ‘Find Your Line’ soundtrack app 

For those who ordered the 25th Anniversary Edition of Gran Turismo 7, a second ‘game’ will install on your console. Except, it’s not a game, it’s the game’s Original Soundtrack. 

Once you open the app, you are greeted with a glorified music player with the nine official songs made for Gran Turismo 7 included. You can play each track, mark some as favourites, repeat and shuffle. 

It’s largely superfluous as you can’t listen to the music in the background while playing something, such as with the Spotify app. But you can minimise the control menu and watch a slideshow of pretty Gran Turismo 7 photography

Find Your Line, Gran Turismo 7

If anything, this makes the wait feel even longer like watching a lasagne cook. So close, yet so far. 

Take a picture of your Gran Turismo collection and post it to social media 

Go on, everyone is doing it, you can be part of the cool gang. Throw in a Japanese import while you’re at it for bonus nerd points. 

Gran Turismo game collection

Listen to Justin Towell’s latest album 

Traxion.GG – plus GamesRadar, Play Magazine, PC Gamer, TopTenReviews and Rock, Paper, Shotgun – contributor Justin Towell’s latest music album, The Prize That Never Came, launched on the same day as Gran Turismo 7

It only seems fitting, then, that you listen while the racing epic does that whole ‘copying’ thing. 

Justin Towell - The Prize That Never Came

The ‘90s were a formative time for the Gran Turismo games, and with this album, the grand guitar riffs of the era are fused with contemporary alternative vibes.

You can purchase a CD from Bandcamp or stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

Play GRID Legends

I feel sorry for GRID Legends, launched mere seven days before Yamauchi’s opus. I appreciate, however, that for those without a PlayStation device, this may seem like a moot point.

It’s a fun, accessible, romp to while away a few hours, perhaps released at the wrong time. 

GRID Legends Renault Laguna

For those who have purchased the latest Gran Turismo, why not fire up Legends as your storage options diminish, pick the Renault Laguna touring car and race around the Red Bull Ring in the rain. 

Or how about the Aston Martin Aston Martin Valkyrie at Suzuka, in the snow, over some ramps. I can think of far, far, worse ways to spend an hour or two, and it’ll put you in a positive frame of mind before the interminable grind for a measly 5,000 Credit Roulette reward. 

Take part in three Music Rally events 

Music Rally, a new mode for Gran Turismo 7 is one part Sega Rally, one part soundtrack showcase and one part esoteric bobbins. 

Gran Turismo 7, Music Rally, game installation

You won’t expect anything less, though, from this development team. 

Once the game has finished an initial install period, and while the majority processes, you can boot the title and compete in the first three Music Rally events. 

Gran Turismo 7 Music Rally Gameplay

Simply, race to the checkpoints while the music is pumping – and you can’t hear your gearshifts – overtake cars and try to reach the furthest distance. Curiously, the third event is harder to achieve a Gold rating on than some of the upcoming licence tests… 

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