Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition and pre-order bonuses detailed

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition and pre-order bonuses detailed 02

The news for Gran Turismo 7 continues to roll out as we approach its 4th March 2022 release date, with the announcement of a 25th Anniversary Edition. 

With the very first Gran Turismo releasing in 1997, for Japanese customers, the upcoming GT7 will celebrate the milestone with a special version that includes several in-game bonuses. 

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition PS5 steelbook case

The inclusion of a steelbook case and sleeve for the physical version, each with a special 25th-anniversary cover design, are the headline extras. The sleeve features a clean white background and the number ‘25’ cutting out to reveal parts of the red and blue standard edition cover, the design of which has been expanded and placed upon the steelbook.

Gran Turismo 7 PSN Avatars 25th Anniversary Edition livery

While details of the game’s soundtrack are yet to be revealed, this edition also comes with a digital music album entitled “The Music of Gran Turismo 7”. 30 Gran Turismo car-themed PSN Avatars will also be bundled, alongside a special country-specific livery design for the Toyota GR Yaris. 

Gran Turismo 7 Toyota GR Yaris 25th Anniversary Edition livery

Interestingly, the design will be the national flag of the country where your PSN account is registered, with 30 countries included. 

For those who buy the disc version, you will receive 1,000,000 in-game credits, while those who order the digital version will earn 1,500,000. It should be noted, however, that the 25th Anniversary Edition is only available in physical form for the PS5.

There will also be pre-order bonuses for anyone who pre-orders Gran Turismo 7, either on PS4 or PS5, digital or physical, or the Standard Edition or 25th Anniversary Edition.

Gran Turismo 7 bonus pre-order cars

The classic Toyota Supra GT500 ’97 (Castrol TOM’S) that featured in the original Gran Turismo game and the latest GT7 trailer will be added to your collection, alongside the Porsche 917 LIVING LEGEND concept car and a special version of the MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT. Labelled the ‘Stealth Model’ it features matte black paint and a unique GT-focussed livery design. 

It’s worth remembering that the next Polyphony Digital-created racer will be on both PS4 and PS5, with a £10/ €10 upgrade path to the newer console for those who initially purchase on the older device. 

Last but not least, the final box-art for the regular GT7 box has been revealed. The box art shows a red MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT – a rotary-powered beast first seen within GT Sport – and then a blue Porsche concept car that simply says ‘72 Porsche’ down the side. The required internet connection is also clearly flagged.

Gran Turismo 7 secret Porsche

Recently, Porsche also released a Gran Turismo 7 trailer highlighting their partnership with the racing title, and right at the very end, there’s the front LED lights of an as-yet-unknown car. We can’t wait to see what it looks like and get our hands on it within Gran Turismo 7.

Which version will you be pre-ordering? Let us know in the comments below.

Gran Turismo 7 standard edition formats

Versions: PS4 digital, PS4 physical, PS5 digital, PS5 physical

Gran Turismo 7 PS4 price: £59.99/$59.99/€69.99

Gran Turismo 7 PS5 price: £69.99/$69.99/€79.99

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition formats

Versions: PS4 digital, PS5 digital, PS5 physical

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition PS4 price: £89.99/$89.99/€99.99

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition PS5 price: £89.99/$89.99/€99.99

Gran Turismo 7 pre-order bonuses

  • 3-Car Pack – MAZDA RX-VISION GT3 CONCEPT Stealth Model, Porsche 917 LIVING LEGEND and Toyota Supra GT500 ’97 (Castrol TOM’S)
  • 100,000 Cr. – In-game credits

Pre-order bonuses apply to both the Standard Edition and the 25th Anniversary Edition, PS4 and PS5, digital and physical.

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition bonus content

  • SteelBook®game case with unique design
  • The Music of Gran Turismo 7 – digital music album
  • 30 PSN car-themed avatars
  • Toyota GR Yaris with country-specific livery
  • 1,000,000 Cr. – In-game credits for the disc version
  • 1,500,000 Cr. – In-game credits for the digital version
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