First gameplay trailer for RiMS Racing unveiled

First gameplay trailer for RiMS Racing unveiled

Last month we had our first look at RiMS Racing, a new motorcycle game from a fresh developer, RaceWard Studio, which aims to change the way we play racing games.

The main focus of this title is how a bike is made and what parts affect performance. Instead of boasting about the number of vehicles or tracks in the game, the initial information talked about 500 official spare parts and 200 official equipment items for your rider.

With customisation and set-up being the main goal, you can take your creations onto a track and in this first gameplay trailer, we get our first glimpse of racing gameplay – albeit in an early development phase.

What we can see in this trailer is a field of at least ten bikes in a race, the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory, a third person and first-person camera perspective and a rider dangling their leg out in the braking zone. The tracks are the Nürburgring Grand Prix and a street course based on the Atlantic Road in Norway.

In the game, you’ll utilise the Motorbike Status Check (MSC) to view real-time analysis of the motorbike’s status and performance, and of the components, you can replace, the list includes tyres, discs, callipers, pads, suspension, springs, air filters, exhausts, brake and clutch master cylinders, brake fluids, engine oils, ECUs and fairings. Extensive, then!

RiMS Racing Aprilla Norway

Now we’ve seen the game on track, what we’re looking forward to seeing more of are the part selection mechanics and how the game is structured around continually tweaking your vehicle. With the game releasing on the 19th August across a multitude of platforms, stay tuned to Traxion for more as and when we get it.

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