Fanatec CSL DD out of stock until Q1 2023

Fanatec CSL DD wheel base unboxed

A combination of factors have worked against budding entry-level direct drive owners, with no new stock dues until the first three months of next year.

A combination of positive reviews, keen pricing and a semiconductor shortage has combined to reduce Fanatec CSL DD to zero until the first quarter of next year.

The CSL DD is a 5Nm, (upgradable to 8Nm of torque), direct drive wheel base that set a new trend for more affordable and console-friendly units. Upon its launch in August 2021, it was the first of its kind and the most affordable direct drive device.

Working with PC and Xbox consoles, we praised the DD in our review:

“If you’re looking to take your sim racing experience to the next level, look no further than the CSL DD. The clarity you get at this price point almost feels criminal.”

However, no more stock of the device will be available now until a yet-to-be-determined date in the first three months of 2023.

Fanatec CSL DD wheel base review

“The demand has been very high, and our production has been stalled by component shortages,” read a Fanatec statement posted by CEO Thomas Jackermeier.

“We will continue to work hard to address this bottleneck, but the effect of the semiconductor crisis continues to be felt across the industry, and I can confirm that the CSL DD will not be available again until Q1 2023.”

A related, but not identical, product – the Gran Turismo DD Pro – was recently back in stock in bundle form. It outputs the same forces, but is PlayStation compatible too, alongside PC and Xbox is a suitable wheel is attached.

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