F1 Manager 2023’s 1.6 update will add team switching

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The much-requested feature was absent at launch and not necessarily expected, but it will arrive in August.
F1 Manager 2023's update will add team switching

The new feature will allow you to select another team at the end of each season. This is pivotal, as in the game at present, plus last year’s F1 Manager 2022, if you enhanced a team to the point of dominance, the only option was to either continue winning every race, get sacked or start again.

Being able to switch teams should allow you to continue the same career game save, meaning even if you defect as team principal to a lowly squad, the driver market will continue in a similar vein and your prior team, we hope, presses on in the new order. Older drivers will continue to deteriorate in form, while younger drivers progress.

It’s something that several Traxion team members would like to see implemented in order to help elongate its appeal after a successful debut season.

When the 1.6 update arrived for F1 Manager 2023, developer Frontier will also tweak season objectives for Mercedes, Alpha Tauri and Alfa Romeo, zap the bug which sees some competitors manage to pull off a one-tyre-compound race – triggered by a mid-session save, a new feature for this season.

F1 Manager 2023 23 Williams Spa

The update has not yet been dated, however, it is expected in August for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

F1 Manager 2023 1.6 update expected changes

  • Team Switching feature added
    • Expand your legacy across the whole paddock by choosing to manage a new team at the end of a season.
  • Some Teams have had their season objectives adjusted to align better with other teams [NEW SAVES ONLY]
    • Mercedes
      • Initial season objective: 2nd -> 3rd
      • Constructor’s championship target season: 2024 -> 2025
    • Alfa Romeo
      • Initial season objective: 7th -> 8th
    • Alpha Tauri
      • Initial season objective: 7th -> 8th
  • Fixed an issue with Automatic mode in qualifying not using driver commands in an optimal way
  • Fixed an issue with Focus slider settings not providing expected results for Car Part Research Projects
  • Fixed an issue with AI teams only using one tyre compound after mid-session save
  • Fixed widescreen UI

Under investigation

  • Balance of Track Grip Impact on Lap Times [Qualifying]
  • Unfair Penalties
  • Issue with cars colliding with static cars on track
  • [NEW] Balance of ‘Avoid High Risk Kerbs’ tactic.


  • Race Start Balance – Our investigation into race start behaviour confirms that the AI has no inherent advantage over the player and can only gain an edge by pushing hard with the same strategic/tactical options available to the player. Players can work to counter this by setting their Driver Options before the race begins to better prepare for the opening laps.

Source: Frontier Developments

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