F1 Manager 2022 support to end soon with one final patch

Justin Melillo
F1 Manager 2022, just only released in August of this year, is set to end its support when the next patch drops to shift focus to the future.
What we'd like to see in F1 Manager 2023

It’s only been two months since the release of F1 Manager 2022, but it was revealed on a Reddit post from Frontier’s Community Manager Chris Groves on Thursday that the next update will be the “last significant update that addresses player-reported feedback, or suggested changes and additions.”

This last scheduled patch is set to include a key update, that there will be “multiple visual updates to the car models for the official F1 teams… by implementing some of the key characteristics of many teams’ 2022 designs, including car parts and liveries.”

Other expected adjustments include “positive changes regarding fuel usage issues during Qualifying sessions”, “amending instances of incorrect ‘Estimated Race Time’ calculations” as well as other unannounced optimizations.

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While that might seem fairly soon for such a new title, it should be noted that this franchise is set to become a yearly gaming series not unlike anything that EA Sports usually does, including the current iteration of F1 racing games.

It also should be remembered that this was Frontier’s first foray into this genre of racing management titles, so hopefully this means that the future will be stocked up to be even bigger and better than ever as the focus shifts in that direction.

Some of the issues I’ve come across around include AI issues, DRS wonks, botched blue flags and more. No word if some of the most immersion-breaking issues will be fully addressed in the last big patch.

We already know the next game is in development as well. While that means 2022’s title will likely see obsolesce sooner, one can’t help but hope that the 2023 title gets all that the player base wanted and more when that releases next year.

“Key reports and requests around F1 Manager 2022 from the community that are yet to be resolved will continue to be prioritized as we create future iterations in this franchise,” wrote Groves.

This noted future update does not yet have a date or full list of changes, but when we learn of it, we’ll be sure to give you the details. As always, we invite you to keep it pinned for those future details here at Traxion.GG.

What we'd like to see in F1 Manager 2023

UPDATE: 3:45 PM ET – Frontier Developments reached out to Traxion.GG with a clarifying statement about yesterday’s revelation. The update was posted both on the Steam page as well as in the dedicated F1 Manager subreddit space.

“To be crystal clear: we will continue to support F1 Manager 2022, with multiple updates currently in the pipeline, focused on addressing the most important topics raised by the community.

“Yesterday’s post was to explain that the addition of any new significant gameplay features for F1 Manager 2022 requested by players would not be possible, but this was not clear.”

Chris Groves, Frontier Developments Community Manager

Going forward, future updates will not come from player-reported feedback, or suggested changes and additions. There is a line of updates, however, that are already planned out that are already addressing what they’ve already gotten in feedback. This was not clear in the original posting.

The team at Frontier will still be listening and taking player feedback, but it seems the window to implement specific requests is closing – not the actual support for the game, which will continue onward.

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