Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell have designed F1 2021 game liveries

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Daniel Ricciardo and George Russell have designed F1 2021 game liveries

Contemporary Formula 1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo and Geroge Russell have been playing with crayons and designing unique liveries for the F1 2021 game. 

As part of the ‘After The Apex’ video series, Ricciardo talks about being about to work on a paint scheme for the game. 

“Being in the game is already cool enough for me,” explained the Italian Grand Prix winner

“Now, having this creative control and power to do this and see people select it, race it is fun.” 

The design includes a black base, with striking purple splashes at the front and a vivid blue and yellow stripe combination at the rear. It also features the Australian driver’s brand slogan ‘All Good, All Ways’. 

F1 2021 Podium Pass George Russell livery

Russell’s design, by comparison, is subtle. Using a combination of blues and the 63 insignia, Geroge has gone for a classy approach. 

Both designs feature matching helmets, gloves and race suits. To get hold of these designs, which are both in the game right now, simply play through the free Podium Pass Series 3 levels. Points are awarded for every action you do in F1 2021, plus bonuses are awarded for doing set tasks.  

George Russell F1 2021 game livery Podium Pass

The items are spread out across the levels:

  • Level 3 – Russell Special Legendary Gloves
  • Level 5 – Ricciardo Special Legendary Helmet
  • Level 7 – Russell Special Legendary Helmet
  • Level 11 – Ricciardo Special Legendary Gloves
  • Level 17 – Ricciardo Special Legendary Suit
  • Level 21 – Russell Special Legendary Suit
  • Level 24 – Russell Special Legendary Livery
  • Level 30 – Ricciardo Special Legendary Livery

Once unlocked, the cosmetic items can be used in the My Team and online racing modes. The launch ties into the third season of F1 2021’s Podium Pass

What do you think of these new designs by real-world Formula 1 drivers? Let us know in the comments below. 

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