Everything you need to know about the 2022 V10 R-League

We look into the format and calendar of the 2022 V10 R-League on Assetto Corsa, featuring drivers such as Jarno Opmeer, Bono Huis and Kevin Siggy.
Everything you need to know about the 2022 V10 R-League

When fans of the V10 R-League tell you that the series is one of, if not the, most unique sim racing competitions currently in operation, you would be wise to listen. Screaming engines are not the major pull here, but rather a fascinating combination of racing and football league structure.

With Season 3 already underway, let us enlighten you as to how this spectacle ticks, what there is to look forward to and how you can find it.

2022 V10 R-League platform and car

As it has done for the past two seasons, V10 R-League utilises a custom V10-engine formula car mod for Kunos Simulazioni’s Assetto Corsa. Inspiration for the vehicle is drawn from the original 2022 Formula 1 car concepts, combined with the sounds of the mid-2000s V10 F1 cars.

V10 R-League

2022 V10 R-League Entry List


  • Mercedes AMG-Petronas Esports Team – Jarno Opmeer, Bono Huis and Cedric Thomé
  • Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Esports Team – Manuel Biancolilla, Alejandro Sánchez and Simon Weigang
  • Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports – Joni Törmälä, Liam Parnell & Yuri Kasdorp
  • Team Redline – Enzo Bonito, Kevin Siggy and Michal Šmídl
  • Team Fordzilla – Emre Cihan, Shaun Arnold and Peyo Peev


  • BMW SIM Racing – TBC
  • Jean Alesi Esports Academy Team Suzuki – TBC
  • Williams Esports – TBC
  • YAS HEAT Esports – James Baldwin, Marko Pejic and Isaac Gillissen
  • R8G Esports – Jiri Toman, Marcell Csincsik and Erhan Jajovski
V10 R-League

Prior Champions of V10 R-League

Both previous teams’ champions are back for their third consecutive seasons. Team Redline was victorious in Season 1 and Michal Šmídl remains their only legacy driver from two years ago.

Enzo Bonito joined last year, but one of Season 2’s champions emboldens the outfit’s campaign this time around. Kevin Siggy is currently enjoying his most successful calendar year to date having won the DTM Esports Championship and secured himself a drive in the DTM Trophy series.

The Austro-Slovenian moves across from BMW SIM Racing and it is yet to be seen if the German manufacturer will be able to reach the heights of last season. At the time of writing, it is unknown if Michael Romanidis and Alen Terzic will return to defend their crowns.

Although Redline has pulled a bit of a coup here, it is worth remembering that other teams do exist and are looking to make it three different champions in three seasons. Plenty of eyes this year are on the monstrous Mercedes line-up featuring F1 Esports Pro title holder Jarno Opmeer and reigning king of Formula Pro Series Bono Huis.

V10 R-League

2022 V10 R-League Calendar

  • Matchday 1 – 3rd June
  • Matchday 2 – 10th June
  • Matchday 3 – 17th June
  • Matchday 4 – 24th June
  • Matchday 5 – 8th July
  • Wildcard Playoff – 9th July
  • Semi-Finals – 22nd July
  • Finals – 23rd July

2022 V10 R-League Format

The primary part of the league season is played out over five ‘matchdays’ which contain several face-offs each. Both teams in each match have the opportunity to accrue points towards their placement in a group table.

The ten teams participating are split across two of these groups. The bottom two teams by the end of the five matchdays are eliminated from the competition.

Both first placed teams are automatically through to the Semi-Final stage while the remaining four are sent into a Wildcard playoff. Second in Group A will take on third in Group B and vice versa to complete the final four outfits fighting it out for the biggest share of the £100,000 prize pool.

V10 R-League

2022 V10 R-League Match Format

Each match is set up with a ‘home and away’ atmosphere right from the get-go. The initial phase of the day is a pick and ban system which is incredibly popular across other esports such as Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege and Overwatch.

In V10 R-League’s case, both teams rule out the selection of one track each from a pre-established list before going on to choose a place to race from everything left.

From here on in it is all about the racing itself. First up is a qualifying session for the first ‘Sprint’ race, a straight shootout featuring all six cars on track. Race points are awarded for each position from 10 down to one with the highest-scoring team winning the overall group point. It is possible to also draw in race points, leading to no group point being awarded.

V10 R-League

Before the Sprint, however, comes the ‘Relay’. Drivers select a running order to get through across the course of four laps. One driver starts the race, one driver finishes the race and one driver is stuck on the middle stint.

Driver swaps are conducted through pitstops with strategy playing its part in regards to undercut and overcut potential. Whichever team hits the chequered flag first wins the group point.

The entire process is then repeated on the other team’s track of choice adding up to four total races in which match score lines can vary from a 4-0 clean sweep to a 2-2 scrap. The important thing to note is, unlike football, every ‘goal’ counts. You can lose 3-1 but that will still be one group point earned by the losing team.

Where to watch the 2022 V10 R-League

Coverage of the V10 R-League has stepped up massively for Season 3 with, aptly enough, three distinct ways to watch.

The V10 R-League YouTube channel will feature highlights packages and full-length broadcast replays. You can also follow the action on the V10 R-League’s Twitter account via their live video feeds and regular updates.

Most impressively, the championship is also available to watch as it happens on BT Sport! The upside? Fantastic accessibility for those who aren’t fond of the internet or are just so happening to come across esports for the first time. The downside? Not as much viewing flexibility as the previous options.

Why should I watch the 2022 V10 R-League?

V10 R-League is not for the conservative sim racing fan. It is a fresh take on how to be competitive behind the wheel, focusing on the rivalry between teams as opposed to individuals. The result is genuinely intense and enthralling to take in. Entire rosters will either relish the challenge or get worked up thinking about their diminishing chances to qualify for the Finals.

Not to mention, the action itself is never boring. Team orders have never looked so good.

Images courtesy of V10 R-League

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